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Pronounced seh-REN.
Rosethorn08  4/27/2006
I know a Seren, pronounced SAIR-in. Rhymes with Karen.
Mommy2B  6/26/2006
Every Karen I know pronounces it "Key-rin."

Anyway, this is a lovely name. I'll think of it once I've got a little pink bundle of joy without a name.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2007
Urgh, if it rhymes with Karen then this would be "SA-ren". The people of Wales say "ser-in" or depending on where they live in Wales. Say Karen right people! It's KA-ren not Kair-ren. *shudder*
― Anonymous User  2/19/2007
Can I just say, pronouncing it Se-rinn would make it Serin? The whole reason it's spelt Seren is so you pronounce it Se-rehn. I'm from Wales, my best friend is called Seren, I SHOULD KNOW.
DontDissMadison  5/29/2007
The proper Welsh pronunciation is 'SEH - REN' like 'sai' in 'said' and 'ren' in 'rendition'
― Anonymous User  9/11/2007
The only way Seren rhymes with Karen is if you pronounce Karen improperly. Karen is a Danish and Norwegian name. The A in Kar sounds like the A in car and cart. And the R is trilled a little, if you can do it. Ask a Norwegian!
anotheranon  4/26/2014
My name is Seren, I'm from Wales and I can tell you all that it's seh-ren not sah-ren or sair-ren or seh-rin, it's supposed to he pronounced SEH-REN with an actual welsh accent. But where I'm from it's more commonly pronounced SEH-RUN.
serenoliver  2/21/2016

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