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Latin pronunciation is see-ree-oos.
that one  10/8/2010
But Sirius is a Latin name, and Latin words are pronounced phonetically, so Si-rius sounds more logical to me.
Lynsey777  4/24/2008
I assume you mean the first syllable to be pronounced as "eye"? I've taken Latin for three years, and the Latin 'i' is pronounced closer to the English "ee". And Latin is only pronounced phonetically to a certain degree.
corvina  2/21/2010
I'm a native French speaker who speaks with American English, and from my experience I've heard the name pronounced "SEER-ee-us" in US English, AuE English, CanE, *and* in British English. For example, 'Sirius Satellite Radio' -- which operates in the US and Canada -- pronounces it "SEER-ee-us".

This is also how the star is pronounced.

In the UK, the name may possibly be pronounced differently depending on which region you're from. In fact, this applies to everywhere else in the world. I've heard Sirius pronounced as "siH-ree-us" in AmE and BrE.

As far as Harry Potter is concerned, J. K. Rowling pronounces it as "SEE-rius" because of that common pronunciation in the UK. However, "seer-ee-us" is probably the most common pronunciation because of the dogstar.
tu_es_faux  4/18/2008
We don't pronounce it 'Serious' in the UK, over here it's 'SI-rius'. Which sounds much better I think. They also pronounce it that way the Harry Potter movies.
Lynsey777  4/4/2008

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