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There is a character named Ume in the anime Kimi Ni Todoke. She complains that she does not like her name because it is a "grandma name" and that her grandmother chose it for her. Everyone calls her Kurumi-chan for her surname Kurumizawa and she keeps a list of people she dislikes for calling her by her first name.

It's interesting the meaning can be devotion, as in the series she has an obsessive crush on a boy and very cunningly keeps the other girls from dating him for years.

I think it's very cute, it has a soft sound but apparently would be old-fashioned in Japan.
kitsunefox  4/14/2012
Ume Aoki is a Japanese manga artist from Hyōgo Prefecture, though she officially romanizes her name as Aokiume. She illustrates under the pen-names apricot+ for many of her doujinshi, and Apply Fujimiya (藤宮 アプリ Fujimiya Apuri?) for the visual novel Sanarara. Aoki provided the voice for her Metapod persona in the Shaft anime adaptation of her four-panel comic strip Hidamari Sketch. She later created the original character designs for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a Shaft anime production.
cutenose  2/9/2017
It's the name of a character from Crayon Shin-Chan: Ume Matsuzaka, a stylish kindergarten teacher who is full of herself and is always trying to seduce men. She has quite a temper.
Javiblue96  4/17/2017

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