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Wendy is also the girl in the song "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen.
-- Elphi  12/17/2005
Stephen King used the name Wendy for the wife in "The Shining".
-- Anonymous User  12/17/2005
Dame Wendy Hiller was an English film and stage actress.
-- Anonymous User  12/20/2005
Wendy Testaburger is a South Park character, for a while Stan's girlfriend.
-- Anonymous User  12/22/2005
Well, Casper and Wendy, from the Casper movies, both their names mean "friend"! I think that's clever!
-- rubberduckiiz2  1/4/2006
The legendary punk singer, Wendy O. Williams.
-- Anonymous User  11/10/2006
There is an author named Wendy Corsi Staub.
-- Anonymous User  11/28/2006
Wendy has on rare occasions been used as a male name, where it is a pet form of names such as Wendell. One example is the gospel singer and humorist Wendy Bagwell:
-- clevelandkentevans  4/30/2007
Wendy Testaburger was Stan's girlfriend in the first few seasons of South Park. She is best known as the political, sweet, outspoken and quite revengeful little girl with the beret.
-- Rockos_Modern_Life_1  6/6/2007
Wendy James was the vocalist in the 80's group Transvision Vamp.
-- Anonymous User  9/23/2007
Wendy Richard, MBE (born Wendy Emerton 20 July 1943 – 26 February 2009) was an English actress best known for playing Miss Brahms in Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler in EastEnders. Great name, great actress. :)
-- walesgal92  6/26/2009
Yet another famous bearer is Wendy Craig (born 20 June 1934), who is a BAFTA Award winning English actress that is best known for her appearances in the sitcoms Butterflies, ... and Mother Makes Three and ... and Mother Makes Five. She currently plays the recurring role of Matron in popular TV series The Royal. :)
-- walesgal92  6/26/2009
In "Peter Pan" Wendy's full name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling. I love it :)
-- Liesl  11/16/2010
This was the title of a 1967 song by the pop group, The Association, however, they spelled it "Windy".
-- Ryry1996  5/18/2011
A famous bearer of this name is Sister Wendy Beckett (b. 1930), a world renowned art expert and Catholic nun. Sister Wendy is most famous for the series of BBC documentaries on art history she hosted throughout the 1990s.
-- aamn1  4/14/2013
Wendy Midener Froud, wife of British artist Brian Froud, is a British sculptor and designer.
-- Martha Gold  7/27/2013
Wendee Lee, a voice actress who has played characters in the English version of well-known Japanese anime such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi), LuckyStar (Konata), and Ah! My Goddess! (Urd).
-- Anonymous User  1/25/2014
Wendy Padbury played Second Doctor companion Zoe Heriot.
-- VoraLundar  6/17/2014
Wendy Wilson, member of singing group Wilson Phillips and daughter of singer Brian Wilson.
-- mezaco  3/17/2015
Wendy's is a fast food chain that sells burgers, French fries, and other fried foods. The logo for Wendy's is a little redheaded girl with pigtails.
-- Anonymous User  9/7/2015
Wendy Patricia Salas Acosta is a Costa Rican footballer who plays as a midfielder. Acosta attended the University of Costa Rica and hence could not play professionally. On 28 April 2010, she made her international debut against Honduras. On 7 October 2011, she scored her first ever international goal against El Salvador. In the following matches against Honduras and Guatemala, she again scored a goal in each match. Then on 22 January 2012, she scored a brace against Haiti. On 7 March, she scored a hat-trick against Belize, with goals in the twenty-sixth, forty-fourth and sixty-fifth minute during a match in which Costa Rica won 14–0. She would continue her scoring, as she found the net in consecutive matches against El Salvador and Panama.
-- cutenose  3/3/2017
Son Seung-wan, known professionally as Wendy, is a South Korean singer. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet.
-- lilolaf  3/23/2017
Wendy Cope is a poet.
-- Paula Puddephatt  5/25/2017
Wendy Webb is a poet.
-- Paula Puddephatt  5/25/2017

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