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A famous bearer is Wiley Post, the famous aviator from Oklahoma. He is credited as the first pilot to fly solo around the world.
JessicaMichelle  5/30/2007
American television actor Richard Dean Anderson has a daughter named Wylie. Her full name is Wylie Quinn Annarose (born August 2, 1998).
― Anonymous User  11/10/2007
Wiley Sneak, a character in the children's show Trapped!
Luangi  4/11/2009
The cartoon character Wiley Coyote! :)

I like the name Wiley!
― Anonymous User  11/17/2009
Wiley Miller is an American cartoonist and children's book author, creator of the comic strip "Non Sequitur" and author of "Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil"
He full name is actually David Wiley Miller, but he goes by Wiley.
Vesey  6/12/2011
Wiley Wiggins played Mitch Kramer in "Dazed and Confused".
Madyson  9/2/2011
Wylie Dufresne is a famous American chef known for his use of molecular gastronomy.
Madyson  9/2/2011
Wiley was the main character in the story "Wiley and the Hairy Man".
bedamijo  9/8/2012
Wiley is the main character in the movie "Premium Rush". He is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2013
Dr. Wiley of the Megaman games.
MarcoJackson  8/6/2015

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