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This is the real first name of actor/rapper Will Smith.
-- Phoenix Flower  10/1/2005
On Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sabrina's principal is named Willard Craft.
-- amber monkey  5/2/2006
Willard Dorsett is the father of Sybil Isabel Dorsett, infamous for having the first multiple-personality case to ever be psychoanalyzed.
-- spaz123  8/25/2007
Willard Scott is an American media personality and author best known for his television work on NBC's The Today Show and as the creator of the Ronald McDonald character.
-- Nyx  4/18/2010
Another sort-of-famous bearer is the fictional Willard Tweedy from Nick Park's Chicken Run. :)
-- walesgal92  9/11/2010
This was the main character in the episode/story 'Well'ard Willard' on the British children's TV show 'Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids' (based off a book series). He stole the sun by using a telescope and a jar.

Not very famous but there you go.
-- AnastasiaE  9/26/2012
Willard is the first name of Mitt Romney, an American politician and 2012 Presidential candidate.
-- Kelly716  10/3/2012
Actor Harrison Ford has a son named Willard. Willard's siblings are Malcolm, Benjamin, and Georgia.
-- Anonymous User  7/13/2013

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