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Famous bearer: Winona Ryder, actress, thief.
goneaway  5/16/2005
Her name is actually spelled Wynonna Ryder.
mariej2  9/10/2005
As far as I know the actress spells her name Winona, she was born in Winona Minnesota.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2005
In Pokémon, the Fortree City Gym leader is called Winona.
NovaNight  7/1/2008
There's a shoegaze song by Drop Nineteens called "Winona".
lightfromadeadstar  3/28/2014
Winona LaDuke is an American Indian activist, environmentalist, economist, and writer of Anishinaabe background on her father's side.
DianUK  9/14/2014
Fall Out Boy have a song called "She's My Winona".
Mist3000  10/3/2015
Winona is the toy whale from the British animated series Rubbadubbers. She communicates by squeaking.
Buneary  1/13/2018

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