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The X in Galician is also pronounced SH.
Araceli  4/24/2010
The Basque pronunciation of X is actually 'Ch' so this is pronounced more like 'Chabier'. A nickname for this name is Xabi 'Chabi.' A famous bearer is Xabier 'Xabi' Alonso, the Basque footballer who plays for Spain and the English team Liverpool.
― Anonymous User  6/28/2006
It is not pronounced with a 'Ch', that's the way the Catalan speakers say it in Catalan - they also write with a -V as in 'Xavier'. In Basque -or at least in most of its dialects- it's pronounced 'Sh'.
Airienn  9/25/2007
In Spanish the 'x' is pronounced lisp-like, more like a 'tha'.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2005

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