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It's pronounced "YAH-veh" not "YAH-weh." Waw in my opinion should be called vav since there's no "w" sound in Hebrew. Some people refer to it as such since that's how it's pronounced.
-- arrowhead909  4/30/2006
As in any language, there have been changes in the pronunciation of Hebrew. Modern Hebrew doesn't have the w sound, but Ancient Hebrew is believed to have had it. See "Reconstructing the Pronunciation of Biblical Hebrew, A simplified Guide to the Main Points" by David Steinberg
-- Kosta  6/1/2006
Whenever I've heard anyone at my church read this name out of the Bible they've pronounced it YAH-way. [noted -ed]
-- Liesl  1/28/2011
Absolutely no one can know exactly how to pronounce many Hebrew words, including his name. No one should be trying to explain how someone should pronounce the name of God since the language really had to almost be re-invented because it was almost lost. I am of the opinion that God respects someone knowing and using his name and applying his name to their lives in baptism, however pronunciation is used. If God made us understand the exact way his name is and was pronounced in past biblical days, we all would be in great and eternal peril, for no one knows exactly how it was pronounced. Anyone who says they do just doesn't know what they are talking about. I believe the name of Jesus is equivalent to the name of God the Father, whom Jesus said was the only God. He stated that he came in his fathers name. The name of God is pronounced differently depending on what language one speaks. He said it was his name forever but never said he would not add something to it.
-- AllanDale  3/14/2015
The correct pronunciation for Yahweh Yahuwshua

-- Yahuwkheveth  4/24/2015
HEY VAV HEY YOD is the MODERN HEBREW TERM. In ancient Hebrew the vav was waw, so in earliest term it would of been hey waw hey yod or YHWH or new YHVH.
-- desmond dickson  4/26/2015
Jews through all ages knew the meaning of God's name: it is "He will be, is, was" or somewhat more accurately "He shall prove to be as he is and was". This is no secret and Jewish people freely speak of its meaning, as there is no rabbinical ban on speaking about it. The ban only applies to its pronunciation and discarding/effacing it in written form. It is even incorporated into one of the most famous and beautiful Jewish hymns "Adon Olam", and Jewish children learn the words from early on. One line reads "v'hu hayAH v'hu HOVeh v'hu Yih'yeh b'tif'arah" (And he was, and he is, and he will be in glory). The name is formed by taking a part of each of the three tenses of the verb "to be", so the name is actually a contraction of the three, Y+HV+H. The pronunciation is Y'HOVAH. Yahweh on the other hand is gibberish, ask any Jew, it is NOT a Hebrew word!
-- Anonymous User  12/13/2015

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