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The Y in Ylva is pronounced as the German "ü" or the French "u".
Ylva  8/12/2005
If the comment by Ylva is corrent, then the name 'ylva' is pronounced like 'YOOL-vah'.
echo_of_the_past  6/5/2006
No, Ylva is certainly not pronounced like "YOOL-va". The German Ü and the French U are not pronounced like "OO". Günther is not "gonter" in German, and the French Julie is not pronounced like the English Julie.
Ylva  10/21/2006
For English speakers, who have not learnt the Swedish Y-sound, it is best to pronounce it "ILL-vah".
Ylva  7/28/2006
Ylva is pronounced ill-vaa.
NorseGirl17  10/14/2013
For English speaking people: ill-vah.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2017

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