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These names have not yet been assigned to a category. Some of them may be spurious.
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AMEDEUS   m   ?
Variant of AMADEUS
AVRA   f   ?
Possibly a feminine form of ABRAHAM
BRUNETTE   f   ?
Feminine diminutive of BRUNO
CALIX   m   ?
Possibly from Latin calix meaning "wine cup".
CLOVIA   f   ?
Possibly a feminine form of CLOVIS
Variant of DELPHINA
ELARIO   m   ?
Variant of ILARIO
ELFA   f   ?
Possibly a variant of ELVA (1)
EULIA   f   ?
Short form of EULALIA
FILBERT   m   ?
Variant of FILIBERT
Feminine form of GILBERT
ISLEEN   f   ?
Variant of AISLING
JAPETH   m   ?
Variant of JAPHETH
JAYEL   f   ?
Variant of JAEL
KAOLIN   m   ?
Variant of CAOLÁN... [more]
LANTY   m   ?
Diminutive of LEACHLAINN
LEMMY   m   ?
Possibly a diminutive of LEMUEL
MAYIM   f   ?
Means "water" in Hebrew. This is the name of a Jewish folk dance.
MELESINA   f   ?
Perhaps a form of MILLICENT
MELLE   f   ?
Breton form of MARIA
MONTA   f   ?
Perhaps a feminine form of MONTY
TRIA   f   ?
Perhaps a short form of DEMETRIA
XYLIA   f   ?
Modern creation, perhaps based on Greek ξυλον (xylon) meaning "of the forest".
ZARITA   f   ?
Variant of SARITA (1)
ZENIA   f   ?
Variant of XENIA
ZEPHYRA   f   ?
Feminine form of ZEPHYR
ZETA   f   ?
Variant of ZITA (1)