Frankish and French Kings by Frequency of Name


Louis18 kings
Charles11 kings
Philippe6 kings
Childebert4 kings
Clovis4 kings
Henri4 kings
Theuderic4 kings
Childeric3 kings
Chlothar3 kings
Dagobert3 kings
Sigebert3 kings
Carloman2 kings
Charibert2 kings
Chilperic2 kings
François2 kings
Jean2 kings
Napoleon2 emperors
Robert2 kings
Theudebert2 kings
Chlodomer1 king
Guntram1 king
Hugues1 king
Lothair1 king
Merovech1 king
Odo1 king
Pépin1 king
Rudolf1 king
Theudebald1 king