Namesakes for Frederik

Namesakes for FREDERIK:
  Danish Kings and Queens: 9 kings
      King Frederik I   1523-1533  
      King Frederik II   1559-1588  
      King Frederik III   1648-1670  
      King Frederik IV   1699-1730  
      King Frederik V   1746-1766  
      King Frederik VI   1808-1839  
      King Frederik VII   1848-1863  
      King Frederik VIII   1906-1912  
      King Frederik IX   1947-1972  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 1 peace
      (peace) F. W. de Klerk (a.k.a. Frederik)   1993  

  Norwegian Kings and Queens: 6 kings
      King Fredrik I (a.k.a. Frederik)   1523-1533  
      King Fredrik II (a.k.a. Frederik)   1559-1588  
      King Fredrik III (a.k.a. Frederik)   1648-1670  
      King Fredrik IV (a.k.a. Frederik)   1699-1730  
      King Fredrik V (a.k.a. Frederik)   1746-1766  
      King Fredrik VI (a.k.a. Frederik)   1808-1814  

  Notable Writers: 1 author
      Willem Frederik Hermans   1921-1995  

  Other Leaders: 1 president
      President F. W. de Klerk (a.k.a. Frederik)   1989-1994   South Africa  

  Other Royalty: 1 prince
      Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark   1968-   Denmark