Namesakes for Stephanus

Namesakes for STEPHANUS:
  Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 9 popes
      Stephen I (a.k.a. Stephanus)   254-257  
      Stephen II (a.k.a. Stephanus)   752-757  
      Stephen III (a.k.a. Stephanus)   767-772  
      Stephen IV (a.k.a. Stephanus)   816-817  
      Stephen V (a.k.a. Stephanus)   885-891  
      Stephen VI (a.k.a. Stephanus)   896-897  
      Stephen VII (a.k.a. Stephanus)   929-931  
      Stephen VIII (a.k.a. Stephanus)   939-942  
      Stephen IX (a.k.a. Stephanus)   1057-1058  

  Saints: 1 saint
      Saint Stephen I (a.k.a. Stephanus)   ?-257