Namesakes for Urbanus

Namesakes for URBANUS:
  Biblical Characters: 1 character
      Urban (a.k.a. Urbanus)   (m)   Rom. 16:9  

  Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 8 popes
      Urban I (a.k.a. Urbanus)   222-230  
      Urban II (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1088-1099  
      Urban III (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1185-1187  
      Urban IV (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1261-1264  
      Urban V (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1362-1370  
      Urban VI (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1378-1389  
      Urban VII (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1590  
      Urban VIII (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1623-1644  

  Saints: 2 blessed, 2 saints
      Saint Urban of Macedonia (a.k.a. Urbanus)   ?-0xx  
      Saint Urban I (a.k.a. Urbanus)   ?-230  
      Blessed Urban II (a.k.a. Urbanus)   c. 1042-1099  
      Blessed Urban V (a.k.a. Urbanus)   1310-1370