Animal First Names IsolationHedge May/28/2015 6 Robin/Robyn
Father Mathieu; daughter name Katarina.L May/28/2015 4 Mattea
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka May/28/2015 15 Even
Liam vs Leo FictionPrincess31415 May/28/2015 10 Lars & Leo
Between these two boy names ? Mickylee May/28/2015 14 Jesse
Is Winona usable? trayc53 May/28/2015 9 No
Does this surname flow with the rest of the names? first 3 names are set in stone) Lars Quinlan Rory Canning FictionPrincess31415 May/28/2015 6 Yes, Canning works well
Do you like any of these combos for a girl?? AshleyJuliette May/28/2015 13 Anna Juliette
Which? mirfak May/28/2015 15 Alice
Do you like any of these girl combos? AshleyJuliette May/28/2015 16 Adelaide Beatrice Robin
Which name for a girl? Mickylee May/28/2015 16 Kate
Which girls name? Gwynbow May/28/2015 23 Even
Which of these? Lumiereslove May/28/2015 20 Sabrina Elise
which? (boy name ) Lalage May/28/2015 17 Max Evander
A character Cordelia Cole is Kaesy May/28/2015 14 cunning
Jewish middle name for Karolina [kah-ro-LEE-nah] maladies May/28/2015 20 Karolina Esther [means: star]
First name for sister to Katana Fawn and Micah Damien Katana_fawn May/28/2015 25 Xenia
Clovis on a girl? New_Chloe May/28/2015 24 Nah
Isabel or Olivia? BBH May/28/2015 35 Isabel
Sarah or Rose? BBH May/28/2015 32 Rose
Laura or Harriet? BBH May/28/2015 30 Harriet
Georgia or Melina? BBH May/28/2015 31 Georgia
Helena or Lila? BBH May/28/2015 30 Lila
Patrick or Allen? Thojoe Smithinway May/28/2015 27 Patrick
Emilia or Amalia Cristi-es May/28/2015 29 Emilia
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic May/28/2015 21 Alyssa Odette Aimee
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic May/28/2015 18 Alyssa Juliet Aimee
Lily Elizabeth? Lumiereslove May/28/2015 24 Even
Opinions on name Dorian lusia May/28/2015 25 Like it
Naomi LV51sfan91 May/27/2015 30 Nay-O-Me