Interactive Polls

Which with Jacob? Lumiereslove Jul/31/2014 2 Even
Amelia Danielle? Lumiereslove Jul/31/2014 4 Even
Girl Names ending in -elle avaname Jul/31/2014 5 Even
Male protagonist name? nirvanalucier Jul/31/2014 6 Even
Female 'S' names #2 Nala Jul/31/2014 7 Even
Female 'S' names #1 Nala Jul/31/2014 7 Seren
Male 'R' names Nala Jul/31/2014 7 Ryan
Female 'R' names Nala Jul/31/2014 9 Rosalie
Male 'P' Names Nala Jul/31/2014 7 Even
Choose any that you like southernoptimism Jul/31/2014 7 Even
which one sounds better? (5) celchester Jul/31/2014 9 Jesse Dean
Kaelyn Gabrielle ________? Please choose 3-4 middle names VioletRose Jul/31/2014 7 Kaelyn Gabrielle Anna
Kerensa vs Keturah Ottilie Jul/31/2014 8 I prefer Keturah to Kerensa
Best girl's name with Genevieve Lilibet Jul/31/2014 15 Even
Spelling for pronunciaton: iz-ee-on-uh (Nickname: Izzy) VioletRose Jul/31/2014 12 Isiana
Random female combinations Wordsmith Jul/31/2014 11 Fern Amelia
Best girl middle name for Katelyn? callie_dove Jul/31/2014 13 Even
names for a boy celtic77 Jul/31/2014 11 Jameson Rhys
How do you feel about the name Timothy? twins57 Jul/31/2014 17 Love it!
names for a girl celtic77 Jul/31/2014 13 Skye Rhiannon
Cordelia vs. Linnea lindydee Jul/31/2014 17 Linnea
Narrowed down list for B/G twins...? bigfamilymommy Jul/31/2014 15 Arizona "Zo" and August "Gus" (both are A but, both nicknames are a different letter)
Ainsley Ottilie Jul/31/2014 15 Even
Best Boys Names 3 livy126 Jul/31/2014 12 Adam
Best Girl Name Contest 3 livy126 Jul/31/2014 13 Hazel
Name for an immature female minion with a traumatic childhood? (Part 2) Mirrorland Jul/31/2014 10 Risa
Robert or Richard Ali Hassan Jul/31/2014 13 Robert
Nerissa Penelope Belle Ottilie Jul/31/2014 12 Change Nerissa
Which one(s) for a girl? Bear Jul/31/2014 15 Alice / Alys / Alix
Which one(s) for a boy? Bear Jul/31/2014 13 Luc / Luke