Interactive Polls

Joan Beatrice Wordsmith May/3/2014 33 I dislike it.
Middles For Dexter "Dex" igoesrawrOMG May/3/2014 44 Dexter Allen (DAC)
Which, if any, do you like? AudreyEllen May/3/2014 37 Noah Matthew
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/3/2014 66 Nicholas
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/3/2014 72 Even
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/3/2014 66 Even
Pick Your Favorites! BOYS: F-O nobumblebeetrees May/3/2014 46 James
Pick Your Favorites! GIRLS: E-H nobumblebeetrees May/3/2014 46 Hazel
which girls name? prayforpeace May/3/2014 36 Elizabeth
which flower name? prayforpeace May/3/2014 35 Rose
which out og six? prayforpeace May/3/2014 38 Willow
which out of 12? girls prayforpeace May/3/2014 36 Grace
Which One? Italian Names 12 Felie May/3/2014 23 Massimiliano (M mahs-see-mee-LEEAH-noh - MAXIMILIAN)
which out of 12? Boys name prayforpeace May/3/2014 36 Even
Which One? Italian Names 12 Felie May/3/2014 19 Massimiliano (mahs.
Grey (m) Bitey May/3/2014 23 Better as a middle name
Rosamund Freya or Rosalind Freya K.G Valentina May/3/2014 31 Rosalind Freya
Which female name do you prefer? bopperlynn May/3/2014 39 Stella
Can Vincent be used for honoring Vinzenz? Spagettigeist May/3/2014 24 Yes, of course
Courtney and Kennedy (fictional characters, pick one "*" and as many "-" as you like) Ramblepedia May/3/2014 28 Kennedy can be a male name
Short "E" names (F) Merilii May/3/2014 45 Eva/Eeva
Which one? Merilii May/3/2014 36 Julia
Which One? Italian Names 11 Felie May/3/2014 32 Maura (F MAH-oo-ah - MAURUS)
Which? BBH May/3/2014 38 Susanna Katherine
Which? BBH May/3/2014 42 Peter Alexander
Which? BBH May/3/2014 36 Sarah Jane
Which? BBH May/3/2014 30 Louise Madeleine
Which One? Italian Names 10 Felie May/3/2014 33 Emilia (F eh-MEE-leeah - EMILY)
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x May/3/2014 33 Isla and Esme
Twins: Karl & ... MaraMrvica May/3/2014 26 Karl & Morgan