Eyan or Evan ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Jun/2/2016 18 Evan
_______ Bernadette Hylocichla Jun/2/2016 19 Lucy Bernadette
Full name for Lexa? ImSorryIfILoveYou96 Jun/2/2016 21 Alexa
5) PART 2. Choose favourites sibset. B/B/G/G maladies Jun/2/2016 19 Justus, Markus, Romina & Anabella
5) PART 1. Choose favourites sibset. B/B/G/G maladies Jun/2/2016 18 Even
Pastor's daughter in love with a gang member EscalusEmex Jun/2/2016 18 Even
Which girls names have the best nicknames? tidalwaveengineer Jun/2/2016 20 Adelia - addy, delie, lila
Girls names (honoring Adele) which do you like? (updated) Emily Amy Jun/1/2016 22 Even
Which virtue name? LV51sfan91 Jun/1/2016 26 Grace
Names LV51sfan91 Jun/1/2016 30 Claire
Rosanna Cecily Wordsmith Jun/1/2016 28 I dislike it.
Carmella Judith Wordsmith Jun/1/2016 23 It's okay.
Margareta Cecile Wordsmith Jun/1/2016 25 It's okay.
Quadruplets AshleyJuliette Jun/1/2016 26 Ava, Leo, Kai, & Zoe
Pick all the names that you like! (9) lilolaf Jun/1/2016 30 James
Which Name Has The Best Pronunciation? cutenose Jun/1/2016 23 Samantha (sə-MAN-thə)
Male Cas- names. Which is better? Peaceful Waterfall Jun/1/2016 21 Cassius
Who Will Be The Twin Brother of Milan? cutenose Jun/1/2016 20 Mirek
When hyphenating surnames, how are the surnames ordered? arockster Jun/1/2016 21 No rule/up to the parents
Which? BBH Jun/1/2016 33 Alexandra
Favourite Sibset - Male and Female Katarina.L Jun/1/2016 26 Asher and Violet
Which names for twins? Hylocichla Jun/1/2016 23 Phoebe & Daphne
Choose all GP names you like (boys): autumnconq Jun/1/2016 35 Silas
Which ones? naomism Jun/1/2016 28 Phoebe Miller
Which of these boys names have the best nicknames? tidalwaveengineer Jun/1/2016 29 Matteo - Matt, Theo
Best Surname for Violet? FellDownTheRabbitHol Jun/1/2016 20 Violet Spencer
Woodrow Oscar Wordsmith Jun/1/2016 26 It's okay.
Cicely Cornelia Wordsmith Jun/1/2016 22 It's okay.
Middle Names pt 2 Tuesday754 Jun/1/2016 24 I still hate them all
Which? BBH Jun/1/2016 33 Raphael