Interactive Polls

What is your favorite English female J name? AudreyEllen May/9/2014 44 Juliet
What is your favorite English male J name? AudreyEllen May/9/2014 45 Even
What is your favorite English female I name? AudreyEllen May/9/2014 41 Isabel / Isabelle
Isabella Jane? Lumiereslove May/9/2014 36 no
Which names do you like? (Characters born in the 1980s-1990s) greatlondonfire May/9/2014 43 Matthew
girls celtic77 May/9/2014 31 Isla Lilias
which name? prayforpeace May/9/2014 30 Asha
which out of six prayforpeace May/9/2014 36 Victoria
which out of the top 100 for 2013 for girls? prayforpeace May/9/2014 40 Penelope
which out of the top 100 for 2013 for girls? prayforpeace May/9/2014 38 Victoria
which out of the top twenty girl names for 2013 would you use? prayforpeace May/9/2014 41 Even
some surnames nisimalotse May/9/2014 24 Meadows
Feminine names from random namer. Like any? (last names included) AudreyEllen May/9/2014 21 Even
Which names are good for a girl fiery temper? booksworm102 May/9/2014 32 Natasha
Heath Leopold? grace_newgrace May/9/2014 31 No
Nickname for Elizabeth? greatlondonfire May/9/2014 37 Liz / Lizzie / etc.
Anastasia Severine (a-nə-STAY-zhə SEV-er-een): Wha'd'ya Think? (This is a repeat) Nyaeay May/9/2014 32 I like it.
Which one of these female names do you like best? EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs May/9/2014 35 Talia
Which female name goes best with the sibset of Javan and Levi? EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs May/9/2014 31 Javan, Levi and Talia
Which female name do you like better? EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs May/9/2014 32 Talia
Ada xPrincess27x May/9/2014 32 Ada Cecily
Miranda Bear May/9/2014 33 Even
Terence Bear May/9/2014 33 Dislike it
Leonie / Léonie Bear May/9/2014 34 I prefer Léonie ("LAY-uh-nee")
Desmond Bear May/9/2014 33 Like it
Sylvia Bear May/9/2014 34 Like it with Sylvie as a nn
What name do you like the most.? jjada72 May/9/2014 44 Even
Which variant of Mary is your favorite? Wordsmith May/9/2014 36 Mariam
Various Phyllida combinations Wordsmith May/9/2014 23 Phyllida Caroline
Louise Helena Wordsmith May/9/2014 33 It's okay.