Names from 2008 British-American drama film: The Duchess Felie Dec/31/2014 24 Caroline
Combos with Aloysius Erme Ioainna Dec/31/2014 13 Aloysius Victor
Combos with Alma Erme Ioainna Dec/31/2014 15 Alma Hester
Astrid Isabelle? twlightblack11 Dec/30/2014 30 Flows nicely and I love it
Best of these boys' names kalonw Dec/30/2014 36 William
Are Ethan (m) and Autumn (f) too similar to be the names of siblings? spaz123 Dec/30/2014 20 Nope, they're great
My Girl Names Part 2 NYC-LDNgirl Dec/30/2014 31 Stella
My Girl Names Part 1 NYC-LDNgirl Dec/30/2014 35 Adelaide
baby girls celtic77 Dec/30/2014 24 Liesel Adelaide
Which sounds better? Ryder Dec/30/2014 20 Tanya Harris
Please pick the boy's name you prefer: Emily Amy Dec/30/2014 29 Leon
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SN for sibset Victoria, Patrick, William (Will), & Gregory (Rory) prettily_british Dec/30/2014 18 Hellstrom
Which makes the best 'couple' - Natalie and...? prettily_british Dec/30/2014 25 Chris (Christopher)
Which middle for Leona? HarderToBreathe Dec/30/2014 27 Leona Catherine
Which middle for Margo? HarderToBreathe Dec/30/2014 24 Margo Elizabeth
Do you like "George"? Ali Hassan Dec/30/2014 33 No
Joshua or Josué? Thojoe Smithinway Dec/30/2014 24 Joshua
Which name is better? Thojoe Smithinway Dec/30/2014 28 Thomas
What do you think of Thomassin? Pronounced (Toe-MAH-Sin)? it is a form of Thomas. Thojoe Smithinway Dec/30/2014 23 it's okay
Vote for the names that are usable. Thojoe Smithinway Dec/30/2014 29 Caroline
Combos with Alix Erme Ioainna Dec/30/2014 22 Even
Vote for the names that are strong and trustworthy. Thojoe Smithinway Dec/30/2014 29 Even
Names beginning with C (pick all you like) The Midnight-Rose Dec/30/2014 32 Catherine
Names beginning with B (pick all you like) The Midnight-Rose Dec/30/2014 34 Beatrice
Names beginning with A (pick all you like) The Midnight-Rose Dec/30/2014 38 Alice
Name for Girl with Last Name "Gray" majfoalbkeopaza Dec/30/2014 32 Lillian
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