Interactive Polls

I expect someone named Callisto to be Evil Jun/20/2014 37 male
This or that? (for fictional character) maladies Jun/20/2014 26 Atrianna / Atriana
'L' and 'M' names for a kitten. Mirrorland Jun/20/2014 27 Lux
'K' and 'L' names for a kitten. Mirrorland Jun/20/2014 25 Even
Favorite Boy's Name Lilly-Elise Jun/20/2014 38 John
Middle name for Glynis Bear Jun/20/2014 29 Adele
Middle name for Oswald Bear Jun/20/2014 25 Even
Middle name for Rosamund ("RAHZ-") Bear Jun/20/2014 28 Even
Middle name for Linus Bear Jun/20/2014 23 Frederick
Middle name for Minerva Bear Jun/20/2014 25 Cecily
(For my Sims Freeplay) Charles and Janice Smith (née Lennon) and their daughter Ruby are expecting another girl. What should they name her? Kinola Jun/20/2014 34 Louisa
Girl Names! Please vote :) Part 6 Baby Name Pro Jun/20/2014 39 Geneviève
PLEASE VOTE XD Baby Name Pro Jun/20/2014 37 Ivy
Pick all you like. amt8705 Jun/20/2014 29 Alexia
Pick all you like. amt8705 Jun/20/2014 25 Catherine
Which girl name do you prefer? amt8705 Jun/20/2014 27 Even
Pick all you like (boys) amt8705 Jun/20/2014 25 Benjamin
Best name(s) amt8705 Jun/20/2014 32 James
These, too. BBH Jun/20/2014 32 Mary Elizabeth
These. BBH Jun/20/2014 33 James William
A sister for Odette Wordsmith Jun/20/2014 29 Vivien
Best girl name Hussien Jun/19/2014 48 Even
Salma or Samia Hussien Jun/19/2014 33 Samia (sammy-ah)
Middle name help for a girl ascheuer Jun/19/2014 33 Sage Claire
Names of new medical residents where I work: which do you like? GibsonGirl Jun/19/2014 44 Victoria
Middle names for Kellin? autumncon Jun/19/2014 29 Kellin Alexander
Which girl's name do you like the best? Glamourgirl4 Jun/19/2014 44 Chloe
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Jun/19/2014 34 Hugo, Jack and Felix
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Jun/19/2014 41 Eve Mattea ("mah-TAY-uh")
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Jun/19/2014 38 Even