Interactive Polls

Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Jul/29/2014 34 Annabel Esme
Valerie or Vivian? Lumiereslove Jul/28/2014 31 Vivian
Which do you like the most? AudreyEllen Jul/28/2014 34 Even
Emmeline, Eloise, Easton, &... 8Mommy8 Jul/28/2014 36 Everett
Lennox: Boy or Girl? bigfamilymommy Jul/28/2014 33 Boy
Valerie Felicity? Lumiereslove Jul/28/2014 29 no
which one sounds better? (2) celchester Jul/28/2014 28 William Ansel
Lauren for a girl? Lumiereslove Jul/28/2014 30 yes
Which middles are usable? ♂ Ottilie Jul/28/2014 42 Lysander
What do you think of the name Simon? Anna21 Jul/28/2014 33 I like it
How do YOU pronounce Juliet? Anna21 Jul/28/2014 40 joo-lee-ET
Christina for a girl? Lumiereslove Jul/28/2014 32 yes
Which female name ars musica Jul/28/2014 35 Alma
Honoring a Catherine: Which combo is your favorite? gabbygrace1915 Jul/28/2014 41 Avery Cate
Tyra for a girl? Lumiereslove Jul/28/2014 28 no
What's the best unusual French name? callie_dove Jul/28/2014 46 Genevieve
Should I use a name even if it's in the top 50? Violetviolin Jul/28/2014 35 Yes-go for it if you like it
which is better and more elegant? curesthispen Jul/28/2014 32 Aya Sophia
How do you feel about the name Shea for a girl? twins57 Jul/28/2014 33 Even
How do you feel about the name Shea for a girl? twins57 Jul/28/2014 26 Even
how do you feel about the name Jesse for a little boy? twins57 Jul/28/2014 31 Love it!
How do you feel about the name Ryder? twins57 Jul/28/2014 32 Hate it!
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/28/2014 66 Catherine
August 2014 Favorites Round 1 Girls wannabewriter Jul/28/2014 39 Linnea
Cecilia Anais or Cecilia Anaïs quigav18 Jul/28/2014 25 Cecilia Anaïs
How do you pronounce Elvira? georden Jul/28/2014 29 El-veer-ah
are Victor and Vincent too close for brothers if their other brothers names do not start with V? essie Jul/28/2014 26 No
A- names (F) n.1 SeanM Jul/28/2014 33 Aria
Dialyn (Please vote only one from 1-6, and only one from 7-12) SeanM Jul/28/2014 26 Hate it
Which American Name Do You Like Better? Alyssa Mace Jul/28/2014 27 Janelle