nickname(s) for Edward Ali Hassan Mar/25/2015 35 Just Edward
Rachel Hannah bexbex Mar/25/2015 32 Even
Combos with Dominic Erme Ioainna Mar/25/2015 23 Dominic Vincent
Alfred Alexander Erme Ioainna Mar/25/2015 28 Like it
Pearl Harriet whim Mar/25/2015 39 Like it.
Paul or Anthony Ali Hassan Mar/25/2015 31 Paul
Which spelling? PJR Mar/25/2015 33 Susanna
Which nickname is the best for Margaret? AbigailC Mar/24/2015 41 Maggie
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Mar/24/2015 52 Leyla
Boy Name! Need help deciding between 2 names. tcnj2007 Mar/24/2015 32 Logan Matthew Lombardi
Third Sibling to Evelyn and Amelia: Brother lusia Mar/24/2015 44 Oliver
Third Sibling to Evelyn and Amelia: Sister lusia Mar/24/2015 42 Violet
Wesley or Walter Ali Hassan Mar/24/2015 33 Wesley
Callisto Viola (kə-LIS-to vie-O-lə) or (kə-LIS-to vee-O-lə): Which Sounds Better? Nyaeay Mar/24/2015 36 kə-LIS-to vee-O-lə
Maximilian or Max Ali Hassan Mar/24/2015 27 Max as a full name
boy names, which do you like? Lalage Mar/24/2015 44 Leo
Gender is not an influencing factor. That being said, which name(s) do you like. AshleyJuliette Mar/24/2015 45 Rowan
"Will-" names (re-done) Ali Hassan Mar/24/2015 35 William
Which middle name for Sophia? schlink Mar/24/2015 45 Even
Now...without considering any nicknames, which name do you like the most? PJR Mar/24/2015 47 Susannah
Is Xandre more feminine or masculine name? Erme Ioainna Mar/24/2015 32 Masculine
Which would be a good sister for Sabrina? Lumiereslove Mar/23/2015 44 Miranda
Which sibling name goes best with Gavin? Glamourgirl4 Mar/23/2015 37 Gavin and Ella
Without considering any full names, which nn do you like the most...Rosie, Jackie or Susie? PJR Mar/23/2015 49 Rosie
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Mar/23/2015 84 Benjamin
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Mar/23/2015 78 Gabriel
Which Biggest Jumpers of the Top 1000 of 2013 Do You Like? (Boys) 5 x_Chaser of Dreams_x Mar/23/2015 50 Oliver
My 12 Favorite Girls Names :) Maeva Wintercress Mar/23/2015 52 Lucy
John or Samuel Ali Hassan Mar/23/2015 39 Samuel
Names starting with A Antonio432 Mar/23/2015 51 Audrey