Interactive Polls

Raleigh Nathaniel or Everett Daniel? essie May/29/2014 27 Everett Daniel
brothers for Raleigh essie May/29/2014 31 Everett
Italian Names - Girls Felie May/29/2014 40 Eleonora (eh-leh-oh-NOH-rah - ELEANOR)
Name of the Day: Timothy (M) Felie May/29/2014 38 4 - Like it
Pick all you like. amt8705 May/29/2014 36 James
Do you like any of these? amt8705 May/29/2014 36 Even
Are Susanna and Anna-Soraya confusing for sisters? BBH May/29/2014 31 yes
Anna BBH May/29/2014 34 Anna Louisa
Lily or Leah/Lia Jason Malcolm May/29/2014 39 Leah/Lia
Narrowing it down! Isadora Vs. Isabel cem916 May/29/2014 43 Isabel Katherine
Which name? Username24 May/28/2014 34 Abigail Brooke Washington
Matching Quadruplet Sibsets Amor de Nombres May/28/2014 35 Leander, Lillian, Luka & Laurel
Kyler name sighting Amor de Nombres May/28/2014 32 Don't like it.
Hannah, Audrey, Sophie, Maia and.... (Pick as many as you like!) gabbygrace1915 May/28/2014 51 Ella
Male names ending in 'ian' - Pick all you like. Mirrorland May/28/2014 51 Julian
Jennifer or Jessica Hussien May/28/2014 33 Jessica
Jessica Autumn or Autumn Jessica? Lumiereslove May/28/2014 37 Jessica Autumn
Which one? Lumiereslove May/28/2014 46 Elizabeth
Mary Edith? Anna21 May/28/2014 40 I dislike it
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl (medieval edition) Bear May/28/2014 43 Marie Clemence
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl (medieval edition) Bear May/28/2014 42 Rosamund Clare
What do you think of Jadyn Hope(Jade)? Does it flow well?? teddibear1967 May/28/2014 42 Dislike Jadyn
Ethan…what?!?! Help us choose a middle name lefty28 May/28/2014 49 Ethan Patrick Roberts
Caroline? Anna21 May/28/2014 45 I love it
Help Us Name A Sibling For Genevieve (Evie)! cem916 May/28/2014 47 Isabelle Katharine (Elle)
Twins Names Boy/Girl Lysander13499 May/28/2014 54 Finn/Rosalie
Name of the Day: Frediano (M) Felie May/28/2014 37 1 - Awful
Best name(s) schwartz93 May/27/2014 33 Ethan Asher
Best name(s) schwartz93 May/27/2014 39 James
Best name(s) schwartz93 May/27/2014 29 Soren Asher