Interactive Polls

Who is Ronnie's brother? emily Nov/13/2013 25 Jack
Who is Ronnie's sister? emily Nov/13/2013 25 Jane
Pick your favourite princessleia28 Nov/13/2013 33 Maia Charlotte
Conor Willem Martin - how does this sound and flow to you OneWayJr Nov/13/2013 24 Sounds Good
Which name do you prefer? helena1990 Nov/13/2013 37 Lily
Which name do you prefer? helena1990 Nov/13/2013 34 Violet
Sibling names xPrincess27x Nov/13/2013 26 Leo and Willa
What names do you like? Skyehawk Nov/12/2013 24 Raymond Alexander Jacob
Could Kolby be a legit girls name? prayforpeace Nov/12/2013 28 No
Nickname for Rosalind? kittenbooks Nov/12/2013 34 Rosie
Zara Louise Jonas kittenbooks Nov/12/2013 18 +is loud
Which Names do you like=mix of boy and girls prayforpeace Nov/12/2013 34 Freya
Serafina Eva Cade kittenbooks Nov/12/2013 17 @no freckles
a mix of boy and girl names-which do you like prayforpeace Nov/12/2013 27 Even
Which spelling do you prefer? prayforpeace Nov/12/2013 30 Anya
Rosalind Alexis Sorenson kittenbooks Nov/12/2013 20 @no freckles
Boys and Girls names prayforpeace Nov/12/2013 30 Lena
Pick one per symbol? lepetitviolet Nov/12/2013 32 # Violet Josephine
What are your favorites from my top 10 boy names? gabbymac94 Nov/12/2013 31 Roman
What are your favorites from my top 10 girl names? gabbymac94 Nov/12/2013 39 Even
What kind of mother is Jane Spicer? moonstorm Nov/12/2013 17 Strict, dutiful and no-nonsense, although she is never harsh or unfair
What is Jane Spicer's occupation? moonstorm Nov/12/2013 17 Grade school teacher
What does Jane Spicer look like? moonstorm Nov/12/2013 18 Tall and thin, with dark hair and eyes, and a plain, sensible face
Eugénie Estelle BBH Nov/12/2013 27 like it
Luc Pascal BBH Nov/12/2013 24 it's okay
Joséphine Élisabeth BBH Nov/12/2013 23 like it
François Félix BBH Nov/12/2013 24 dislike it
Cécile Catherine BBH Nov/12/2013 25 like it
best brother(s) for Sinead, Niamh, and Aine irishrocker Nov/12/2013 27 Seamus
thoughts on this set of sisters: Sinead, Niamh, and Aine irishrocker Nov/12/2013 22 fair