Chloë Angelina New_Chloe Sep/14/2015 33 Nice!
Best Middle Name for Mia emaemiliya Sep/14/2015 38 Mia Penelope
Any name ideas for a Siren? Myrtle Loamsdown Sep/14/2015 14 No
Name for a sea captain who becomes the captain of a ghost ship. I'm writing a book, feel free to pm me if you have any name suggestions!! Myrtle Loamsdown Sep/14/2015 24 Capt. Samson Pharamond
Girl Combos (lots to choose from) AshleyJuliette Sep/14/2015 34 Vivian Clare
Names from 2015 Italian TV reality show: Pechino Express Felie Sep/14/2015 23 Laura (f)
Which combo? Eruchalu2015 Sep/14/2015 34 Asher Devin
Nadine or Noelle (December baby), sis to Clarisse. Joiya Sep/14/2015 44 Noelle!
Need name for a domineering father Eruchalu2015 Sep/14/2015 26 Roman
Vote for the names that is too old fashioned and not usable on a boy. Thojoe Smithinway Sep/14/2015 34 Geoffrey
Matthew or Michael? Thojoe Smithinway Sep/14/2015 34 Matthew
Peter or Andrew? Thojoe Smithinway Sep/14/2015 40 Andrew
Which 1 please? Eruchalu2015 Sep/14/2015 32 Serena
Random Names Felie Sep/14/2015 30 Ellen
Random Names Felie Sep/14/2015 32 Emma
Italian Names Felie Sep/14/2015 27 Maia (f MAH-yah)
Random Names Felie Sep/14/2015 32 Jack
Xavier? Vela Sep/13/2015 29 Even
Zacharias? Vela Sep/13/2015 21 Zacharias Nathaniel
Solomon? Vela Sep/13/2015 23 Solomon Raphael
Malachi? Vela Sep/13/2015 24 Malachi Ezra
Ezekiel? Vela Sep/13/2015 24 Ezekiel Matthew
Best Names for Twin Girls emaemiliya Sep/13/2015 40 Juliette and Viola
Best Girl Name Combination emaemiliya Sep/13/2015 34 Even
Louis or Calvin langsto Sep/13/2015 31 Louis
Adam or Anders langsto Sep/13/2015 28 Adam
Abram or Micah langsto Sep/13/2015 33 Micah
August or Lucas langsto Sep/13/2015 30 Lucas
Felix or Elias langsto Sep/13/2015 33 Felix
Which of these do you like? (Girls) AshleyJuliette Sep/13/2015 36 Kyla