Interactive Polls

which combo sounds better? essie Jan/13/2014 26 Mattias Ocean
Pick all you like. amt8705 Jan/13/2014 37 James
Names Of Which You Are Weary BBH Jan/13/2014 50 Emma
Jean BBH Jan/13/2014 29 Even
Celebrity Birth Names - which do you like? amt8705 Jan/13/2014 33 Even
WDYT of James & Alexandra for siblings? otherrealm123 Jan/12/2014 25 I like it
Sibling set: Matthew, Colette, & Harvey otherrealm123 Jan/12/2014 31 I dislike it
Winners of my previous polls - which ones do you prefer? Babochka Jan/12/2014 53 Natalia
Which L name for a girl? prayforpeace Jan/12/2014 43 Lyra
which Irish boys name do you like? prayforpeace Jan/12/2014 36 Ronan
WDYT of Colby (for boy) Violetviolin Jan/12/2014 23 Strongly dislike it
Random girls names from the top 1000 of 2012 prayforpeace Jan/12/2014 37 Kaya
Random Boys names from 2012 top 1000 prayforpeace Jan/12/2014 29 Theo
Random Boys names from 2012 top 1000 prayforpeace Jan/12/2014 34 Harry
Given Girl's Name(Japanese) PetitPapillon Jan/12/2014 32 Mariko
Name for a female villain? AudreyEllen Jan/12/2014 26 Dominique Isabelle
Odessa Combos Skyicygreenrain Jan/12/2014 21 Odessa Rose
My top 5 contenders for boy #1 & why. Which would you pick? sayseptember Jan/12/2014 44 Micah (after late father Michael)
Are Saskia and Katya too close for sisters? Likeyeahwhatev Jan/12/2014 26 No
WDYT of Primrose? Violetviolin Jan/12/2014 32 Even
Nature Based Names Skyicygreenrain Jan/12/2014 45 Rose
Baby girl names Romeybaby12 Jan/12/2014 131 Emmeline (Emmy)
Gavin combos Sofia Jan/12/2014 21 Gavin Raphael
Ambrosine xPrincess27x Jan/12/2014 20 Ambrosine Heather
Which do you like the best? itsnotmykitchen Jan/12/2014 74 August
Which do you like the best? itsnotmykitchen Jan/12/2014 76 Penelope
WDYT of Nolie? Violetviolin Jan/12/2014 17 Dislike it
Various Rosina combinations Wordsmith Jan/12/2014 20 Rosina Catherine
Various Fern combinations Wordsmith Jan/12/2014 22 Even
Which of these names would you consider using? lucky3teen Jan/12/2014 47 Isaac