Interactive Polls

Vivian WLLMB Feb/20/2014 35 Vivian Louise
Badboy Name TheLuckyOne00 Feb/20/2014 38 Zane
Which Spelling Of FAWN-Neh-Tah For A Female? lakin5 Feb/20/2014 22 Fawnetta
Do you like the name PRISCILLA? priss16 Feb/20/2014 43 NO
Last Name for Hadrian and River (Brothers) (For a vampire book) TheLuckyOne00 Feb/20/2014 19 Even
Cute Couple( One per symbol) TheLuckyOne00 Feb/20/2014 29 Cassandra and Hadrian$
Selene, Isabelle or Celia? yasmine Feb/20/2014 30 Isabelle
Which of these do you like? yasmine Feb/20/2014 39 Eva
Girl and Girl Twins avaname Feb/20/2014 43 Charlotte and Camilla
Middle name for Lynn(e) Bear Feb/20/2014 33 Genevieve
Jillian, Lillian or Vivian? schlink Feb/20/2014 44 Vivian
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Feb/20/2014 31 Dominic Ansel
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Feb/20/2014 39 Even
Dolly xPrincess27x Feb/20/2014 28 Dolly Hazel
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Feb/20/2014 35 Peter Vincent
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Feb/20/2014 37 Mary Charlotte
Best of these : Lalage Feb/20/2014 34 Genevieve Aurelia
Which name is the best out of these? MaraMrvica Feb/20/2014 38 Rhys
Aurora combos MusicBelle Feb/20/2014 34 Aurora Genevieve
which boy names do you like???? Glasz Feb/20/2014 44 Oliver
which brother for Vincent? essie Feb/20/2014 61 Vincent & Hugo
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Feb/20/2014 44 Felix Michael
Sibling names xPrincess27x Feb/20/2014 41 Amelia and Florence
Which Pronunciation Of Joanalie For A Female? lakin5 Feb/19/2014 33 JOAN-Ah-Lee
Which Spelling For DAYS-Lee For A Male? lakin5 Feb/19/2014 29 Dasley
IF you had to pick out of this six which name? prayforpeace Feb/19/2014 54 Isadora
Name Your Son TheLuckyOne00 Feb/19/2014 46 Jacob
Girly Names and BadBoys (Pair Please) TheLuckyOne00 Feb/19/2014 53 Katerina
Cute Couple Pairs TheLuckyOne00 Feb/19/2014 26 Jacob Moore & Katernia Moore
Best Female Name TheLuckyOne00 Feb/19/2014 38 Anna Reed