Which Crispin combo? brimariiee Sep/10/2016 28 Even
Twin name to go Annabelle? "Annie" NARROWED Down FictionPrincess31415 Sep/10/2016 40 Even
Sale/Sail spellings Zina Sep/10/2016 24 Sail
Which name suits a Norwegian kid? cutenose Sep/10/2016 31 Mia
Rate the name Temir cutenose Sep/10/2016 23 3 (ok)
Lino or Benigna cutenose Sep/10/2016 21 Lino
Who will be the twin sister of Hyun? cutenose Sep/10/2016 24 Nari
The parents names are Bojan and Nina, what will there son's name be? cutenose Sep/10/2016 23 Henrik
Twin name to go Annabelle? "Annie" FictionPrincess31415 Sep/10/2016 30 Annabelle & Josephine
Which name? highexpectasians Sep/10/2016 31 Roksana
What is the better name for a boy who's an antisocial computer genius who loves hacking Sarah Star Sep/10/2016 29 Gavin
Semi-finale 3- names from my books- pick your top two Sarah Star Sep/10/2016 27 Rowan- girl
Elizabeth or Emmeline. Which do you like (option for dislike too). KatieS Sep/10/2016 37 Elizabeth
Allanah, Nia or Brice lilolaf Sep/10/2016 29 Allanah
It makes more sense for a mechanic/inventor to be... ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/10/2016 19 Electrokinetic (manipulate electrical currents)
Malachi James (smart, levelheaded, terrified of himself/his abilities) should be... ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/10/2016 22 Neurokinetic (manipulate thoughts)
Emme or Emmeline. Other options too. KatieS Sep/10/2016 30 Emmeline Sullivan (with nickname Emme)
Which combo? SarahBelle Sep/10/2016 33 Pia Celeste
Pick your favorites for boys, one per number. shoshannah Sep/10/2016 37 Even
Pick your favorites for girls, one per number shoshannah Sep/10/2016 43 2. Anna
Intira, Chantrea or Kishore lilolaf Sep/10/2016 21 Chantrea
What name suits a park? lilolaf Sep/10/2016 21 Linza Park
Fairuza or Khadijeh lilolaf Sep/10/2016 20 Fairuza
Rate Roxana lilolaf Sep/10/2016 29 3
a sister for Stephanie storywriter Sep/10/2016 24 lauren
Middle name for Wren Ebony? sponinsanity Sep/10/2016 17 Even
Pick a name Jessica21 Sep/10/2016 25 James
Does Aurora Caroline And Cecilia Micah Work As A Sibset? Nicknames Rory And Cece! lakin5 Sep/10/2016 23 Yes!
Colin Elwood (popular, a bit arrogant, mischievous) should be... ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/10/2016 18 Gyrokinesis (able to manipulate gravity)
Boys' names I'm on the fence about—which ones do you like? mazarine Sep/10/2016 30 Leif