Thomas or Jasper Anthony Youssef Jun/2/2015 29 Thomas
Which boy, boy, girl, boy sibset? FictionPrincess31415 Jun/2/2015 23 Lars, Everett, Rose & Dean
gIrl favorItes that begIn with "I" AshleyJuliette Jun/2/2015 32 Ivy
Which name do you perfer for a character who is: the former shadow of a brilliant scientist, a broken man who created a monster & now lives in a house full of butterflies, mourning and hiding the past grimscribe Jun/2/2015 29 Nikolai / Nikola
What is the best middle name for Molly? ottergirl122 Jun/2/2015 25 Katherine
Which name do you perfer for a character who is: a brilliant, eccentric, often mentally-unstable, physically fragile "scientist" and philosopher whose very, very sinister past is catching up w him. grimscribe Jun/2/2015 29 Even
Which name do you perfer for a character who is: a semi-monsterous, naive, adventurous semi-wild young girl who becomes embroiled in a sinister, gory, apocalyptic cult grimscribe Jun/2/2015 27 Cybele
Finish the sibset: Theodore, Frederick, and... sambchop Jun/2/2015 26 Sebastian
Which name do you perfer for a character who is: female protagonist, red-headed and unpretty, awkward, morbid, sceptical, cynical & bit broken. Bitter but not cruel. Writes obituaries for a living. grimscribe Jun/2/2015 26 Astrid
which name? ShaelorMoon Jun/2/2015 30 Arianna/Ariana
Pick your favorite girl names! (For a middle name spot) EmmaLeigh Jun/2/2015 29 Emmaline
Girl names that go with siblings Leah and Jack Mickylee Jun/2/2015 26 Kate
Which "Jun" name do you like best? EmmaLeigh Jun/2/2015 27 June
"H" Girl favorites AshleyJuliette Jun/2/2015 32 Hazel
"G" Girl Favorites AshleyJuliette Jun/2/2015 36 Gwen
Favorite Girl names that start with F AshleyJuliette Jun/2/2015 33 Felicity
Which spelling? trayc53 Jun/2/2015 33 Catherine
Girl favs that begin with E AshleyJuliette Jun/2/2015 31 Eliana
baby boy ♡ alliemarie Jun/2/2015 34 Noah Gabriel
baby girl ♡ alliemarie Jun/2/2015 31 Sofia Marie
How would you pronounce Annes? whim Jun/2/2015 26 AN-əs
Which version? naomism Jun/2/2015 28 Laura Miller
Henry, Isaac, and _____ ? BBH Jun/2/2015 29 Peter
Anna Sophia or Anne Katherine? BBH Jun/2/2015 29 Anna Sophia
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Jun/2/2015 16 Alyssa Lorelai Joanne
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Jun/2/2015 16 Alyssa Melanie Joanne
Pick all girls' name you like (saints two): Emily Amy Jun/1/2015 27 Even
Boy Names NixieAvUlver Jun/1/2015 35 Ambrose
Girl Names NixieAvUlver Jun/1/2015 35 Even
Your least favorites? FictionPrincess31415 Jun/1/2015 34 Ellery Canning