How do *you* pronounce Monroe MaggieHamFan Dec/3/2015 32 Mun-roe (boy)
Boy Combos AshleyJuliette Dec/3/2015 29 Christian Isaac
Boy combos AshleyJuliette Dec/3/2015 33 Oscar Lewis
Laurentia Enid Wordsmith Dec/3/2015 28 I hate it!
Silvina Margaret Wordsmith Dec/3/2015 30 I dislike it.
Aletta Miriam Wordsmith Dec/3/2015 30 I dislike it.
Hettie Josephine BBH Dec/3/2015 36 Like.
Agnes Elizabeth BBH Dec/3/2015 32 Like.
Jethro Daniel "Jed" BBH Dec/3/2015 38 Dislike.
Verity Jane BBH Dec/3/2015 34 Like.
On my Howrse account, my mare Alazne is having a filly. What should I name her? Kinola Dec/3/2015 24 Nere
Boy names TheChosenOne Dec/3/2015 32 Vincent
Edith Combos Part 6 SofiaSweden Dec/3/2015 25 Edith Delphine
Atreyu crybaby Dec/3/2015 21 middle name only
Phoenix is more... crybaby Dec/3/2015 33 masculine
My current favourites Zina Dec/3/2015 39 Cecilia (f)
Daria for a little girl? Zina Dec/3/2015 28 Good
Baby girl name Lexandraxox Dec/2/2015 47 Anastasia
rate: Alistair Hamish celtic77 Dec/2/2015 24 good
rate: Lucy Felicity celtic77 Dec/2/2015 22 poor
do You like the name Timothy Arkham Bear Dec/2/2015 34 Yes
James or William Arkham Bear Dec/2/2015 30 James
Louis or Anthony Arkham Bear Dec/2/2015 24 Louis
Peter or Henry Arkham Bear Dec/2/2015 32 Henry
Johnny or Jonesy Arkham Bear Dec/2/2015 22 Johnny
Out of these, which is your favorite? Kiing Dec/2/2015 22 Acantha
Which month is the better name? HELLO1008 Dec/2/2015 42 June
Pick a name that starts w/ E HELLO1008 Dec/2/2015 46 Eva
Which spelling? HELLO1008 Dec/2/2015 26 Camilla
Which Girls Names That Starts With A RachTheKoala Dec/2/2015 46 Adelaide