Leroy BBH Aug/13/2014 24 Irredeemable.
Lourdes (LOOR-des) Ottilie Aug/13/2014 24 I hate it!
Combos with Azura ("a-ZHUR-ə") [f] - which ones do you like? astronomicon Aug/13/2014 26 Azura Francesca
Are "filler" middle names still filler if they're honoring? -Julia- Aug/13/2014 35 No
Pick all you like maladies Aug/13/2014 33 Winston
Combos with Azucena ("ah-soo-SE-nah") [f] - which ones do you like? astronomicon Aug/13/2014 15 Azucena Saffira
Laura vs. Rachel Lumiereslove Aug/13/2014 26 Rachel Clare
Pick all you like. amt8705 Aug/13/2014 29 Michael
Alix BBH Aug/13/2014 36 2
Most striking? BBH Aug/13/2014 48 Guinevere
Most handsome? BBH Aug/13/2014 48 Isaac
Boy name of the Day SofiaSweden Aug/13/2014 32 Daniel August
Girl name of the Day SofiaSweden Aug/13/2014 32 Daphne Rose
Which Warwick combo(s) do you like? hyp.atia Aug/12/2014 19 Warwick Oliver
Best Girl Name Contest 17 livy126 Aug/12/2014 40 Even
Which name is your favorite, along with the last name of Sanfelippo? (pronounced san-fell-ippo, as in "hippo") zimms22 Aug/12/2014 25 Luke
Cheryl / Sheryl GibsonGirl Aug/12/2014 22 1-hate
Which name based on anime (part 2) Lumiereslove Aug/12/2014 20 Laura Michelle
Which of these based on anime? (part 1) Lumiereslove Aug/12/2014 22 Lucy Elizabeth
Best Girl Name Contest 16 livy126 Aug/12/2014 33 Hazel
Best Girl Name Contest 15 livy126 Aug/12/2014 31 Hazel
Which middle(s) for Kai (b)? SakiHeart Aug/12/2014 30 Kai Apollo
Which middle name for Lachlan (b)? SakiHeart Aug/12/2014 25 Lachlan Hartley
Best Beatrix combos ars musica Aug/12/2014 27 Beatrix Rosemarie
Which middle name do you prefer with Leila? geocachegirl Aug/12/2014 29 Even
sibset combos for Aya- which sibset combos do you like better? MusicBelle Aug/12/2014 25 Aya and Nina
boys celtic77 Aug/12/2014 24 Finn Alistair
girls celtic77 Aug/12/2014 22 Saoirse Rhiannon
Which name would best fit a fair-haired, green-eyed girl living in a foster home in Juneau, Alaska? Kinola Aug/12/2014 25 Lizabeth (Lizzie)
Which middle name for Hawthorn (b)? SakiHeart Aug/12/2014 29 Hawthorn Nathaniel