Which combo do you prefer? Sadie-Janae Sep/30/2016 22 Georgiana Felicity
Best name for white male kitten with brown face! Shells Sep/30/2016 21 Smudge
Best nickname for Theodora? CherylTunt Sep/29/2016 29 Thea
Which Miles combo? brimariiee Sep/29/2016 25 Miles Cameron
Which Maddox combo? brimariiee Sep/29/2016 22 Even
Clelia Bernadette Wordsmith Sep/29/2016 18 I dislike it.
Elmo Sidney Wordsmith Sep/29/2016 23 I hate it!
Vivien Lucretia Wordsmith Sep/29/2016 24 I dislike it.
Ancient Greek names (male) pick your favourites tarajso Sep/29/2016 25 Dion
Your most hated\least preferred spelling of this name? FictionPrincess31415 Sep/29/2016 29 Makayla #143
Ancient Greek Names (female) pick your favourites tarajso Sep/29/2016 24 Callianessa
Fuka or Hiroe lilolaf Sep/29/2016 19 Hiroe
Rate Finnian lilolaf Sep/29/2016 23 4
Pearline. How do you pronounce it? and rate BedtimeBear Sep/29/2016 23 Pear(leen)
Would you rather have 4 kids because that's an even number? LOL FictionPrincess31415 Sep/29/2016 21 Yes and other reasons as well
How many children would you rather have? (total amount) FictionPrincess31415 Sep/29/2016 21 4
Favorite Names Of My Characters? lakin5 Sep/29/2016 18 (Princess) Avalana
Zachary vs Zachariah? FictionPrincess31415 Sep/29/2016 22 Zachariah (See name page if unsure on pronunciation)
Where In Calfiornia Should Emerald East Be Living In? lakin5 Sep/29/2016 18 Crescent Falls, California
Name Combo for story - Girl's name is Sadi; which sounds best? Kelpie Sep/29/2016 22 Rowan
Sib set of Peyton(girl) & Reagan(Boy) NoMo519 Sep/29/2016 26 Sounds not so good
If you saw the name Quinn: boy or girl? kelseyjoxo Sep/29/2016 29 Either
Which for the last name Ashridge? princessleia28 Sep/29/2016 29 Conor
More names of girls from the Illinois Center for Adoption & Permanency; choose your favorite! Kinola Sep/29/2016 24 Mary
Which flows with last name Smith? princessleia28 Sep/29/2016 25 Patrick Timothy
Which brother- sister set do you prefer best? FictionPrincess31415 Sep/29/2016 24 Christine & Daniel
Which flows with last name Smith? princessleia28 Sep/29/2016 25 Owen Thomas
Which of these first names do you like best? (for a girl) KatieS Sep/29/2016 29 Evelyn
Which flows with last name Smith? princessleia28 Sep/29/2016 24 Ophelia Grace
Which flows with last name Smith? princessleia28 Sep/29/2016 26 Even