Leonard Paula Puddephatt 5/7/2017 18 Love it
Louisa Paula Puddephatt 5/7/2017 19 Like it
Tara Paula Puddephatt 5/7/2017 19 Neutral
Jo, Joanna, Johanna and Josephine. Which are your favorites? readingbooks 5/7/2017 26 Josephine
What's your reaction towards the name Susumu cutenose 5/7/2017 21 Very Japanese Looking
What French male name do you like? lilolaf 5/7/2017 26 Auguste
Who will be the twin sister of Julie? cutenose 5/7/2017 28 Alice
Rate Aito (ah-ee-to) lilolaf 5/7/2017 13 5 (I like it)
Sibling of Nanako lilolaf 5/7/2017 14 Sasuke
Which Name Suits A Confident, Brave Person? cutenose 5/7/2017 21 Maxim
Name this person, Korean, male, 19 years old, is shy, likes to be alone, has a lot of secrets and likes listening to C-Pop music cutenose 5/7/2017 15 Min-Jun
What name suits this person: Korean, 36 years old, Male, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, likes to eat bánh xèo, hates cleaning the house and likes to drink coffee. lilolaf 5/7/2017 15 Joon-ho
The parents names are Nanato and Norika, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 5/7/2017 15 Hinaki
Rate Theodoric lilolaf 5/7/2017 15 4
If you heard of siblings named Hollis and Hilary, what assumption would you make about their gender? glaucous 5/7/2017 20 Hollis is male; Hilary is female
John or james or Jack or Daniel 1234 5/7/2017 26 James Christian
which surname for FN Darby (f)? prettily_british 5/7/2017 21 McKendrick
Job (pronounced "joe-b") Mable Marilla 5/7/2017 23 Neutral
For one of my major characters... Fictionlover94Audrey 5/7/2017 26 Shane Hoffman (No middle name)
Which name meaning "fate" do you prefer? KittensAngel 5/7/2017 30 Dalia
Which name for a god of the sky? Includes meanings KittensAngel 5/7/2017 22 Astor "hawk"
Which name for an animal goddess? Includes meanings KittensAngel 5/7/2017 20 Maral "deer"
Which name should I go with for one of my major characters. (Closets friends: Adner & Phoebe, Girlfriend: Main character, Greta) Fictionlover94Audrey 5/7/2017 18 Shane Lennart Hoffman "Shay"
Which name for a nihilistic, forthright, but protective battle axe wielding warrior woman with black hair, green eyes, and tan skin? Includes meanings KittensAngel 5/7/2017 16 Ylva "she-wolf"
Which of these names do you think would be the best? readingbooks 5/7/2017 22 Molly Johanna Sullivan
Jasmine or Tamsin? x_Chaser of Dreams_x 5/7/2017 28 Tamsin
Should a girl named Sophie have... AmyChlad 5/7/2017 17 dirty blond hair
Rayner Mable Marilla 5/7/2017 18 Even
Which of these first names (Japanese American names) (m) Lumiereslove 5/7/2017 19 David
Feminine "T" names from "100,001+ Best Baby Names: The Complete Book of Baby Names"; pick all the ones you like! Kinola 5/7/2017 20 Tanith