Which nickname for Olivia do you like best? MazzyieRose Dec/26/2016 23 Liv
Which middle name for Nora Apple27 Dec/26/2016 21 Nora Grace
rate: Finlay Ronan Ignatius celtic77 Dec/26/2016 16 Even
rate: Norah Anneliese Margaret celtic77 Dec/26/2016 16 fair
Michael Remigius. mairinn Dec/26/2016 13 Not my style, but flows.
Valentina. mairinn Dec/26/2016 19 Like.
Cliona Beatrix hylo Dec/26/2016 22 like
Victoria. mairinn Dec/26/2016 18 Love.
Kai Gabriel. mairinn Dec/26/2016 17 Even
Gabriel Clodovicus. mairinn Dec/26/2016 15 I like Gabriel, but not Clodovicus.
Rate the name Ronald on a scale from 1-5 Whipsmart Dec/26/2016 23 5
Best middle name for Andrew? Whipsmart Dec/26/2016 23 Andrew Christopher
Eurydice Clara or Clarissa Margaret? hylo Dec/26/2016 18 Clarissa Margaret
Sibylla Jane or Althea Rose? hylo Dec/26/2016 20 Althea Rose
Helena Frances or Marianne Elizabeth? hylo Dec/26/2016 20 Even
Which names? highexpectasians Dec/26/2016 23 David
Alda Frances hylo Dec/26/2016 16 like
Criseida Beatrice Wordsmith Dec/26/2016 13 It's okay.
Which Shepherd combo? brimariiee Dec/26/2016 19 Dimitri Shepherd
Italian names for girls Aledis Dec/26/2016 30 Lucia
Kaia or Kaya? Destry Dec/26/2016 26 Kaia
Lillian & Ell for sisters? LV51sfan91 Dec/25/2016 22 No they're too similar
Safiya or Zahra? highexpectasians Dec/25/2016 23 Zahra
Which name? Aletta Dec/25/2016 16 Nexus
Second oldest son in a family? Last name is Kaye. Whipsmart Dec/25/2016 23 Andrew Kaye
Callum Brendan ... HelpfulMcHelperson Dec/25/2016 20 Even
Parthenia Frances Wordsmith Dec/25/2016 19 I dislike it.
Ethnicity for a 26-year-old male photographer? highexpectasians Dec/25/2016 22 Even
Martin or Henry Vic Hoskins Dec/25/2016 32 Henry
The parents names are Onisim and Pelagiya, what will be there son's name? cutenose Dec/25/2016 18 Even