If you met a boy named Alexandre 'Sasha' Navarre St. Amour, he would be -- ? EscalusEmex Jul/6/2016 16 French
Which is best hyphenated name (they're meant to be odd/ bumpy) Zina Jul/6/2016 25 Mary-Page
17 year old girl Zina Jul/6/2016 18 Ayana
Which brother set for my series? What should Adner's older brother be named? FictionPrincess31415 Jul/5/2016 20 Adner & Elias "Eli"
Luciana or Rossana? highexpectasians Jul/5/2016 22 Luciana
Damon or Damien? ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/5/2016 18 Damien
Apolina or Apollonia? ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/5/2016 18 Apollonia
Runa Magdalene Wordsmith Jul/5/2016 20 It's okay.
Cyril Antonius Wordsmith Jul/5/2016 18 It's okay.
Part VII: random names off the "Find a Grave" website; choose your favorite! Kinola Jul/5/2016 21 Adelaide
Girls first names paired with surnames AshleyJuliette Jul/5/2016 23 Helena Philipps
Which do you like? (Boys) AshleyJuliette Jul/5/2016 32 Even
Rebecca Lynn? Lumiereslove Jul/5/2016 25 yes
Bernard or Benedict Gregory Woodrow Jul/5/2016 27 Benedict
Which One? lakin5 Jul/5/2016 29 Paul Davis Hernandez
Aaron Gregory Woodrow Jul/5/2016 24 4 - Good
Premature name predictions for 2016 USA.Where do you predict ABIGAIL will rank? Fictionprincess Jul/5/2016 15 #7 (Remain the same since 2015)
Adella BBH Jul/5/2016 27 Like.
Beatrice BBH Jul/5/2016 25 Love!
Isidora BBH Jul/5/2016 27 Love!
Names of girls from AdoptOKKids; choose your favorite! Kinola Jul/5/2016 20 Rebecca
What name submitted by cutenose do you like? lilolaf Jul/5/2016 18 Even
Rate The Name Vepkhia cutenose Jul/5/2016 19 1 (terrible)
Maiara or Tamaya cutenose Jul/5/2016 18 Maiara
What Polish feminine name do you like? lilolaf Jul/5/2016 34 Lena
Which Name Suits A Clothes Brand? cutenose Jul/5/2016 22 Amalthea
What Name User Submitted By lilolaf Do You Like? cutenose Jul/5/2016 16 Kesia
Björn or Bjoern lilolaf Jul/5/2016 22 Björn
What Name Suits This Person: Korean, 25 Years Old, Male, Black Hair, Dark brown eyes, Loves listening to music, loves traveling and likes candy. lilolaf Jul/5/2016 20 Sung-Ho
The Parents Names Are Josèp and Magdalena, What Will Be There Daughter's Name? cutenose Jul/5/2016 21 Even