Grace Hilda or Martha Elfrieda? Francesca Aug/13/2015 28 Grace Hilda
Marion Rudy or Willard Guy? Francesca Aug/13/2015 18 Willard Guy
Jethro Tobin or Earnest Tobin? Francesca Aug/13/2015 21 Jethro Tobin
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Aug/13/2015 56 Sienna
Good grandfather name Kiki9821 Aug/13/2015 29 Even
Favorite name for a popular evil high schooler (girl)-top 3 Kiki9821 Aug/13/2015 30 Lexi
Fraternal twins (one is Nora Rose), the boy would be: MiguelPhoenix Aug/13/2015 45 None of the above
G/B twin names AshleyJuliette Aug/13/2015 47 Juliette & Alexander
Various Yolande combinations Wordsmith Aug/13/2015 21 Yolande Vivien
GGB triplets Raynegillis Aug/13/2015 31 Haven, Scarlett and Elliot
Natsumi or Hikaru YuniiAi Aug/13/2015 31 Natsumi
Which do you like? (mostly unusual girls first names) wewereromans Aug/13/2015 47 Cassandra
Nicknames for Tatiana Constant Aug/13/2015 38 Tia
Which classic name for a boy? naomism Aug/13/2015 37 Even
Girl Names Starting with 'T' Constant Aug/13/2015 48 Tessa
Samson combinations esh232 Aug/13/2015 27 Samson Cole
Choose any combos. BBH Aug/13/2015 34 Lucy Matilda
Choose any combos. BBH Aug/13/2015 30 Luke Nathaniel
Louise or Lucy? BBH Aug/13/2015 40 Lucy
Louis (pronounced Louie) or Luke? BBH Aug/13/2015 33 Luke
Earthy / Nature names AshleyJuliette Aug/13/2015 44 Brooke / Brook / Brooks
Seasonal Names AshleyJuliette Aug/13/2015 38 May / Mae
Italian Names Felie Aug/13/2015 36 Elena (f EH-leh-nah HELEN)
Lunette crybaby Aug/13/2015 28 Florence Lunette
Names from 1999 American romantic-comedy film: Simply Irresistible Felie Aug/13/2015 33 Henry
Names from 1999 American romantic-comedy film: Simply Irresistible Felie Aug/13/2015 34 Even
Arch crybaby Aug/13/2015 24 Arch Morgan
Wolfe crybaby Aug/13/2015 28 dislike it
Colin or Alastar? crybaby Aug/13/2015 37 Colin
Which middle name? ( boy ) Lalage Aug/13/2015 25 Keegan Lars