Wallace Gage or Vaughn Otis? Francesca Jul/4/2015 19 Wallace Gage
Curtis Irving or Stuart Washington? Francesca Jul/4/2015 23 Curtis Irving
Which MN for Felicity? Sadie-Janae Jul/4/2015 32 Felicity Emilia
Marlon Clifford or Vernon Maurice? Francesca Jul/4/2015 17 Marlon Clifford
John Wendell or Ralph Armand? Francesca Jul/4/2015 20 Even
Which MN for Caspian? Sadie-Janae Jul/4/2015 25 Caspian Oliver
Fictional Character name: A bear and his friends that fight Crime. Protagonist Arkham Bear Jul/4/2015 18 Frederick "fossil freddy"
Ridge vs Ross? FictionPrincess31415 Jul/4/2015 27 Ross
Which of these girls combos do you like? Rigatoni Jul/4/2015 31 Evelyn Hope
Name Combinations for Boys and Girls Arkham Bear Jul/4/2015 29 Julianne Marie
Please choose One name per symbol. Boy names. Thanks :) AshleyJuliette Jul/4/2015 37 :: Silas
Sophie Ann? Lumiereslove Jul/4/2015 24 yes
WDTYO Scarlett Isabelle Arkham Bear Jul/4/2015 23 i dislike it
Sheila or Cynthia? Thojoe Smithinway Jul/4/2015 18 Cynthia
WDYTO Gian Charles? ♂ Thojoe Smithinway Jul/4/2015 16 I hate it
WDYTO Mila Gemini ♀ Thojoe Smithinway Jul/4/2015 17 I hate it
WDYTO Kira D'Angela? Thojoe Smithinway Jul/4/2015 19 i hate it
Which for a sister for Shelby? Lumiereslove Jul/4/2015 28 Even
made-up / unique / rare names. Like any? (f) mirfak Jul/4/2015 21 Roseve
Lauretta Enid Wordsmith Jul/4/2015 17 It's okay.
Viveca Edith Wordsmith Jul/4/2015 17 I like it.
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Jul/4/2015 16 Alyssa Bridget Alexis
Elise (EE-leese) NN said "Lee-see" LV51sfan91 Jul/4/2015 15 Elise Caroline Langer (oathe, vow, free)
Which middle for Athena? HarderToBreathe Jul/4/2015 24 Athena Clare
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Jul/4/2015 17 Alyssa Charlotte Alexis
Magdalene (Mag-duh-len) NN Maggie, Lene (len), LV51sfan91 Jul/4/2015 20 Magdalene Claire Langer (tower, bright)
Joel LV51sfan91 Jul/4/2015 15 Joel Simon Langer (the Lord is God, listening)
? Forest LV51sfan91 Jul/4/2015 14 Nathaniel Forest Langer (gift of God, forest)
? Timothy LV51sfan91 Jul/4/2015 15 Even
Which do you like for a girl? AshleyJuliette Jul/4/2015 31 Mathilde (mah-TEAL)