Interactive Polls

Sibsets (all boys), pick all you like Winter Oct/24/2013 37 Even
Violet Josephine or Violet Susannah? lepetitviolet Oct/24/2013 39 Violet Josephine
Which of each two similar names do you prefer (masculine/feminine)? ophelia Oct/24/2013 42 Morgana
Which of each two similar names do you prefer? ophelia Oct/24/2013 41 Rune
Girls - short and sweet 2 clouds Oct/23/2013 49 Rose
Girls - short and sweet clouds Oct/23/2013 46 Lily
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Oct/23/2013 51 Helena
Trynndeigh Names Worldwide (UK) Boys x_Chaser of Dreams_x Oct/23/2013 42 Kai
Girls name for Cangialosi Cangialosi Oct/23/2013 31 Chiara {Kee-ar-a)
Trynndeigh Names Worldwide (UK) x_Chaser of Dreams_x Oct/23/2013 39 Maggie
What kind of person is Tess Spicer? moonstorm Oct/23/2013 25 Practical, full of common-sense, nature-loving, with a twinkling sense of humour
What does Tess Spicer look like? moonstorm Oct/23/2013 24 Pretty with long straight brown hair, brown eyes and a lovely complexion
Thomas Sean / Thomas Shawn for Sean Connery? Lumiereslove Oct/23/2013 27 yes Thomas Sean
Does Isaac nn Zac work? jemis Oct/23/2013 32 Yes
Which of these? Lumiereslove Oct/23/2013 44 Even
Pick one name per first initial (boys) K.G Valentina Oct/23/2013 37 William
Does Eleanor nn Nora work? jemis Oct/23/2013 36 Yes
Best middle name for Holly EricaFrost Oct/23/2013 32 Holly Catherine
Addy as a masculine nickname viedelarose Oct/23/2013 33 Nay!
boy names celtic77 Oct/23/2013 37 Ronan
boy names #2 celtic77 Oct/23/2013 35 Rhys
girl names celtic77 Oct/23/2013 35 Maeve
girl names #2 celtic77 Oct/23/2013 35 Even
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 2, Gabriel - Jay) Icycoldhot Oct/23/2013 43 James
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 2, Dante - Francis) Icycoldhot Oct/23/2013 44 Finn
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 2, Cade - Dane) Icycoldhot Oct/23/2013 41 Daniel
Why did Darcy leave home? Mirrorland Oct/23/2013 22 Neglected
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 2, Aaron - Bryan) Icycoldhot Oct/23/2013 43 Arthur
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 1, Tyler - Zane) Icycoldhot Oct/23/2013 44 Xavier
WDYTO the sibset Hanna, Margaret "Maggie" and Claire? schlink Oct/23/2013 30 The names work together