Judy of Judi? Bubbles293739 5/30/2019 39 Judy
Is zubaida a good name? Note: I made a typo on the first one Bubbles293739 4/30/2019 37 No
Is Zubaida a goodbname? Bubbles293739 4/30/2019 27 No
Which food does everyone prefer? (Just curious) Bubbles293739 4/30/2019 37 Pizza
Should Farley be a unisex name? Bubbles293739 4/28/2019 31 No
Is Glinda a good name? Bubbles293739 4/28/2019 37 ABSOLUTELY NO!
what name sounds the best for a girl from the south? part 1 Bubbles293739 4/27/2019 35 Caroline
Is troels a good name? Bubbles293739 4/27/2019 27 no
What are some good names for twin girls? Bubbles293739 4/27/2019 33 Vera and Elizabeth
Which Country name sounds the best? Part 1 Bubbles293739 4/25/2019 33 Ireland
What hybrid name do you prefer? Bubbles293739 4/25/2019 30 Vera-Ellen
Favorite or Favourite? Bubbles293739 4/25/2019 40 Favorite