Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to BASANT (7 ratings):

   18% variance:

ÁLMOS   Above Average Name, Strange, Classic
21 ratings

ABIMAEL   Above Average Name, Strange, Classic, Serious
13 ratings

AESOP   Average Name, Strange, Classic, Mature
14 ratings

DÁIRE   Good Name, Strange
27 ratings

DARRAGH   Average Name, Strange
14 ratings

EOGHAN   Above Average Name, Natural, Strange, Classic, Strong
42 ratings

MEALLÁN   Average Name, Classic, Strange, Complex, Strong
16 ratings

RAFAËL   Above Average Name, Classic, Mature, Nerdy, Strong
12 ratings

URIEN   Below Average Name, Classic
13 ratings

   21% variance:

AERON (2)   Above Average Name, Classic, Nerdy, Serious
26 ratings

ANTONI   Above Average Name, Classic, Natural, Refined, Serious
12 ratings

ASHER   Good Name, Strong
272 ratings

BINYAMIN   Average Name, Natural
17 ratings

CÁEL   Good Name, Strange
54 ratings

CORIN   Above Average Name, Strong
35 ratings

DARDANOS   Average Name, Complex, Serious, Strong
11 ratings

ÉIMHÍN   Above Average Name, Natural
10 ratings

EIFION   Average Name, Classic, Strange
11 ratings

ELIJAH   Above Average Name, Classic, Wholesome
374 ratings

ELVIN   Average Name, Strange
28 ratings

EMLYN   Good Name, Strange, Refined
38 ratings

ENFYS   Average Name, Strange, Natural
19 ratings

FECHÍN   Above Average Name, Strange, Natural, Classic, Complex
11 ratings

FEOFIL   Bad Name
12 ratings

FİDAN   Good Name, Classic, Refined
11 ratings

FIACHRA   Good Name, Strange, Strong, Complex
36 ratings

FREYR   Good Name, Strange, Serious, Classic, Nerdy
13 ratings

HIRAH   Average Name, Serious, Strange, Mature
11 ratings

HISHAM   Average Name
21 ratings

IKRAM   Average Name, Classic, Mature, Natural, Refined
11 ratings

ISHMAEL   Good Name, Classic, Mature, Strange
39 ratings

ISMAEL   Above Average Name, Strong, Serious, Mature
33 ratings

ITAMAR   Above Average Name, Serious, Strong
13 ratings

JONATHAN   Good Name, Strong, Classic
510 ratings

JOVAN   Above Average Name, Strong
43 ratings

KRISTIAN   Good Name, Strange, Strong
47 ratings

LABHRAINN   Below Average Name, Strange, Classic
13 ratings

LAEL   Above Average Name, Strange, Strong, Classic, Wholesome
27 ratings

MAHATMA   Average Name, Strange, Serious, Strong
13 ratings

MALDWYN   Average Name, Strange, Classic, Strong
13 ratings

MATHIAS   Good Name, Strong, Wholesome
54 ratings

MERRION   Average Name
11 ratings

MICAIAH   Good Name, Complex, Strange
55 ratings

MURRON   Above Average Name, Classic, Strange, Strong
22 ratings

NGUYÊN   Above Average Name, Classic, Mature, Nerdy, Strange
18 ratings

NIOCLÁS   Average Name, Classic, Wholesome
12 ratings

OISÍN   Good Name, Classic, Natural, Strange, Strong
37 ratings

RIORDAN   Above Average Name, Refined, Formal, Serious
12 ratings

SATISH   Above Average Name, Strange, Natural, Refined, Strong
32 ratings

STEFAN   Good Name, Serious, Strong, Formal
99 ratings

TANIEL   Above Average Name, Strange
13 ratings

VILLE   Good Name, Strange
45 ratings

WESLEY   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Wholesome
189 ratings

YANKEL   Average Name, Strange, Nerdy
11 ratings

YU   Average Name, Strange
32 ratings