Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to DORA (43 ratings):

   12% variance

FANNY   Average Name, Simple, Classic, Wholesome
99 ratings

MARI   Good Name, Natural, Simple, Classic
42 ratings

   15% variance

ESI   Above Average Name, Simple, Youthful, Natural
10 ratings

FAY   Good Name, Natural, Refined, Simple
84 ratings

JILL   Good Name, Simple, Informal, Wholesome
103 ratings

KATE   Good Name, Wholesome, Refined, Simple
266 ratings

MAGGIE   Good Name, Simple, Natural, Informal
136 ratings

PEGGY   Above Average Name, Informal, Natural, Simple
59 ratings

SALLY   Good Name, Wholesome, Simple, Classic
159 ratings

   18% variance

AMY   Good Name, Wholesome, Natural, Refined
698 ratings

BETH   Good Name, Wholesome, Simple, Classic, Natural
102 ratings

BETTE   Average Name, Simple, Informal
16 ratings

BRIGIT   Average Name, Classic
20 ratings

CARRIE   Good Name, Natural, Wholesome, Informal
128 ratings

CONNIE   Above Average Name, Informal, Simple, Wholesome
73 ratings

DARLA   Above Average Name, Simple, Classic, Natural
45 ratings

DEENA   Above Average Name
31 ratings

DINA   Good Name, Simple, Strange, Youthful
62 ratings

EFFIE   Above Average Name, Simple, Informal, Natural, Strange, Wholesome
20 ratings

ELLA   Average Name, Natural, Simple, Wholesome
30 ratings

ELSIE   Good Name, Wholesome, Simple
59 ratings

FANNIE   Average Name, Simple, Classic, Natural
47 ratings

HANNA   Good Name, Wholesome, Simple, Refined
84 ratings

JAN   Average Name, Simple, Wholesome
25 ratings

KATHY   Good Name, Wholesome, Natural, Simple
47 ratings

KAY   Above Average Name, Simple, Wholesome, Informal, Refined
58 ratings

LAURIE   Good Name, Wholesome, Simple, Refined
87 ratings

LISA   Good Name, Simple, Natural, Refined
338 ratings

LOUELLA   Average Name, Simple, Strange
18 ratings

NANCY   Good Name, Wholesome, Classic, Simple
205 ratings

NINA   Above Average Name, Refined
37 ratings

NOLA   Good Name, Refined
42 ratings

PATSY   Average Name, Classic, Wholesome, Informal
38 ratings

PENNY   Good Name, Simple, Youthful, Informal
64 ratings

PIPPA   Above Average Name, Informal, Youthful, Comedic
63 ratings

SADIE   Good Name, Informal, Youthful, Natural
139 ratings

SOFIE   Good Name, Refined, Youthful
36 ratings

SYLVIE   Good Name, Refined, Wholesome
45 ratings

UMA   Above Average Name, Strange
36 ratings

WILLA   Good Name, Wholesome
59 ratings

YAFFA   Average Name
16 ratings