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[Facts] What is the meaning of these three Norwegian names?
Good evening everyone,I came across three Norwegian names of which I haven't been able to determine their meaning (obviously) - which is odd, since they seem to be pretty common on Facebook, for example. :-/ The names are Frøken (feminine), Tiril/Tirill (feminine) and Trym (masculine). If you have any idea whatsoever to what they might mean, then please let me know. :)Thank you very much in advance,Jörmungandr

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FrøkenFrøken is not a name, it is a title used for unmarried girls/women, like the English Miss and the French Mademoiselle.
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For Trym I found several pages who give a possible meaning as "uproar" or "crash" (in the sense of "load noise"), like this one:ÞrymrHowever, nothing really convincing in the sense of authority...I had myself tried to find something about Tiril earlier on, but had failed.

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