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What is a good name for a Korean American teenage girl who is a well known YouTuber and model harutosasamori 7/24/2017 7 Arden
Does the name Yukio suit a Japanese American boy? harutosasamori 7/24/2017 5 Yes, it does
What Asian ethnicity should a young boy named Ryan who is athletic, determined and courageous be? harutosasamori 7/24/2017 5 Japanese
Rate Lily Marie (new baby in my family) TheArtemisMoon 7/24/2017 7 3- mediocre
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka 7/24/2017 11 Even
Best sibling names LittleWolf 7/24/2017 7 Maia Beatrix (girl)
Which names suits a Japanese American family that consists a father, mother, daughter and a son harutosasamori 7/24/2017 8 Dad: Yuusuke Minato, Mom: Hinako Minato, Daughter: Lilia Minato, Son: Tommy Minato
Odile Rosamund Wordsmith 7/24/2017 9 I dislike it.
Does the name Alina suit a Vietnamese American girl? harutosasamori 7/24/2017 9 Yes, it does  
Nigel Fabian Wordsmith 7/24/2017 10 I hate it!
Swithin Aubrey Wordsmith 7/24/2017 9 I hate it!
Which Top 61-80 Japanese Male Names Do You Like? cutenose 7/24/2017 5 Even
Who will be the twin brother of Yahiro? cutenose 7/24/2017 5 Shigeru
Which Japanese Name Pronunciation Do You Like? (6) lilolaf 7/24/2017 3 Even
Which Name Suits A Impatient, Hostile Person? cutenose 7/24/2017 3 Nobuaki
Name this person, Japanese, female, 6 years old, is very lazy, likes to be around her mother, gets bored easily and likes to eat sweets cutenose 7/24/2017 5 Mayumi
The parents names are Oto and Nanako, what will be there son's name? cutenose 7/24/2017 6 Aruto
What name suits this person: Japanese, 18 years old, Female, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, likes to eat strawberries, is very caring and likes to swim. lilolaf 7/24/2017 5 Kotone
Kenta, Haruki, Kenji, Kouta, Ayatsugu, Daisuke, Hayata, Tetsuto, Hayato, Norichika, Nagisa, Hideo, Yasuhiko, Shouta, Aren, Yuuta, Tsuyoshi, Yuuya, Ichirou or Aoi lilolaf 7/24/2017 5 Even
Sibling of Shun lilolaf 7/24/2017 6 Kanon
Rate Haruna (hah-ṙuu-nah) lilolaf 7/24/2017 7 5 (I like it)
Rowenna 3941 7/24/2017 16 Rowenna Lucy
Boy combos that I created; pick the ones that you would use! Kinola 7/24/2017 14 Hugo Zephyr
Girl combos that I created; pick the ones that you would use! Kinola 7/24/2017 14 Ivy Meredith
Annabel 3941 7/24/2017 17 Even
Silas 3941 7/24/2017 14 Silas Theodore
Ottilie 3941 7/24/2017 11 Ottilie Jane
Ottilie 3941 7/24/2017 12 Ottilie Jane
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear 7/24/2017 20 Even
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear 7/24/2017 22 Henry Magnus