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Do you think the name Taisuke is usable? cutenose 5/27/2017 1 Yes
Who will be the twin brother of Kaiji? cutenose 5/27/2017 1 Masao
Which Name Suits A Kind, Sociable Person? cutenose 5/27/2017 1 Even
Name this person, Japanese, female, 32 years old, likes to play computer games, is very kind, likes to swim and hates staying up late cutenose 5/27/2017 1 Hanon
The parents names are Subaru and Momoe, what will be there son's name? cutenose 5/27/2017 1 Shuri
What name suits this person: Chinese, 22 years old, Female, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, likes to exaggerate about things, is companionable and likes to be silly with her friends. lilolaf 5/27/2017 1 Na
What name suits a female Vpop singer lilolaf 5/27/2017 1 Tiên
Sibling of Young-nam lilolaf 5/27/2017 1 Chun-hwa
Rate the combination Kunio Asakura (Asakura is the last name) lilolaf 5/27/2017 1 5 (I like it)
Rate Demeter lilolaf 5/27/2017 4 1 (I don't like it)
Which name duo sounds best? thecoffeemaster 5/27/2017 5 Even
Which names do you like the best? May2017 5/27/2017 12 Even
Pick one. Tatumarore 5/27/2017 7 Lola
Dick???? Tatumarore 5/27/2017 8 AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which name for a male cat? Emilie Arouet 5/27/2017 7 Even
Which full name do you like best? highexpectasians 5/27/2017 6 Sukhbir Singh Jindal
Which name would you choose for your daughter, if your last name was Sullivan? KatieS 5/27/2017 11 Even
Marcus Sinclair as the name for a "James Bond" type spy character? FairyPrincess 5/27/2017 9 Yes, I like it.
Do you think Callista is tacky? hylo 5/27/2017 10 No
Which one for boy and girl twins? Tatumarore 5/27/2017 8 India and Sebastian
Feminine names I like right now – choose all you like Emilie Arouet 5/27/2017 11 Mara
Feminine names – letter N – choose all you like KylieLocke 5/27/2017 12 Natasha
Feminine names – letter S – choose all you like KylieLocke 5/27/2017 14 Stephanie
Stephanie Paula Puddephatt 5/27/2017 14 Like it
Gavin Paula Puddephatt 5/27/2017 15 Neutral
"A" names for girls - any you like Paula Puddephatt 5/27/2017 18 Alice
"A" names for boys - any you like Paula Puddephatt 5/27/2017 20 Adrian
Julianne Paula Puddephatt 5/27/2017 15 Love it
If you're female and you were born with the name Molly, would you want to change it? May2017 5/26/2017 18 No.
Girl's names starting with "El-" – choose all you like KylieLocke 5/26/2017 23 Elizabeth