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Question Creator Created Votes Leader
Boy’s April Name Madness: Isaac vs. Felix
by Bl7zzard 1:37 PM
Bl7zzard 1:37 PM 3 Felix
Which one do you like better?
by CoolCatz 1:32 PM
CoolCatz 1:32 PM 5 Christopher
Jocasta Laelia Mary
by Wordsmith 12:57 PM
Wordsmith 12:57 PM 9 It's okay.
If Cornwall was a person, what do you think their name would be? (Choose from the Top 10 Most Popular Names in Cornwall)
by glacier_bear_82 12:52 PM
glacier_bear_82 12:52 PM 5 Even
Mirta Fiammetta
by Wordsmith 12:50 PM
Wordsmith 12:50 PM 11 It's okay.
Elle or Ella? (Diminutive OR Full Name)
by MythicalCreature 11:58 AM
MythicalCreature 11:58 AM 28 Ella
by MythicalCreature 11:57 AM
MythicalCreature 11:57 AM 26 Even
UK birth announcements (girls)
by laurenw 11:56 AM
laurenw 11:56 AM 20 Even
UK birth announcements (girls)
by laurenw 11:52 AM
laurenw 11:52 AM 19 Alice Emma
UK birth announcements (girls)
by laurenw 11:48 AM
laurenw 11:48 AM 19 Even
Which is a better pseudonym?
by Constant 11:43 AM
Constant 11:43 AM 17 Constance
UK birth announcements (girls)
by laurenw 11:43 AM
laurenw 11:43 AM 21 Georgina Rose (twin to Lily)
UK birth announcements (girls)
by laurenw 11:40 AM
laurenw 11:40 AM 19 Alice Emilia (twin to Clara)
Zion or Zaccai?
by Stars123457 11:09 AM
Stars123457 11:09 AM 22 Zaccai
Is Ermias usable?
by Mary R. 11:05 AM
Mary R. 11:05 AM 20 Yes
Lilibeth or Rosebeth?
by MythicalCreature 11:03 AM
MythicalCreature 11:03 AM 21 Lilibeth
Zayden or Zachary?
by Stars123457 10:58 AM
Stars123457 10:58 AM 25 Zachary
Orla or Ella
by adabird 10:48 AM
adabird 10:48 AM 24 Ella
Margaret variations, part 3
by Laurea 10:15 AM
Laurea 10:15 AM 27 Mae/May
How would you pronounce Tobias?
by Mary R. 10:10 AM
Mary R. 10:10 AM 26 tə-BIE-əs
Lola - choose all that apply
by Destry 9:39 AM
Destry 9:39 AM 29 Its image is okay
Glenn (Glen)
by Mary R. 9:36 AM
Mary R. 9:36 AM 29 Masculine
Which for an athletic girl with light hair and brown eyes?
by princessleia28 8:59 AM
princessleia28 8:59 AM 24 Elodie
Which for an athletic boy with light hair and brown eyes?
by princessleia28 8:54 AM
princessleia28 8:54 AM 23 Callum
“Doctor Who” Female Companion names
by Impala1729 8:30 AM
Impala1729 8:30 AM 26 Even
Francisco Charles
by Anonymous User777 8:15 AM
Anonymous User777 8:15 AM 25 ***
Samuel combos
by ari. 7:51 AM
ari. 7:51 AM 24 Samuel James
Cl- names (masculine)
by Mary R. 7:48 AM
Mary R. 7:48 AM 29 Clyde
How do you feel about these names? *as MNs specifically
by Dianatiger 7:46 AM
Dianatiger 7:46 AM 31 Even
Rate Alexander Hugo
by Anonymous User777 7:45 AM
Anonymous User777 7:45 AM 29 7