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Amy Paula Puddephatt 3/29/2017 1 Love it
Charlotte Paula Puddephatt 3/29/2017 1 Love it
Lucinda Paula Puddephatt 3/29/2017 1 Love it
Real life name combinations - male: pick all you like paperback 3/29/2017 3 Even
Real life name combinations - female: pick all you like paperback 3/29/2017 2 Even
WDYTO Anastasia Genevieve? Rigatoni 3/29/2017 5 Even
Leto Virginia Wordsmith 3/29/2017 4 I dislike it.
Minerve as a middle name glaucous 3/29/2017 4 3 - It's usable
Leola Rosamund Wordsmith 3/29/2017 4 Even
Pollux Antony Wordsmith 3/29/2017 5 It's okay.
Tethys Aurora Wordsmith 3/29/2017 4 It's okay.
Thora Mathilde hylo 3/29/2017 7 love
Amalthea Rose hylo 3/29/2017 7 love
Otho Micaiah hylo 3/29/2017 8 Even
Sibling of Soheil lilolaf 3/29/2017 5 Even
Pick all the names that you like (59) lilolaf 3/29/2017 7 Even
What Bulgarian male name do you like? lilolaf 3/29/2017 7 Even
What name suits this person: Japanese, 55 years old, Female, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, lives in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, Japan with her husband Naoo, is warmhearted and donates to charity. lilolaf 3/29/2017 5 Even
Rate Leonardo lilolaf 3/29/2017 7 Even
Which Kurdish names do you like? highexpectasians 3/29/2017 7 Aram (m)
Which 3 do you like most (or dislike least)? glaucous 3/29/2017 7 Valentina Genevieve
Lucian St James and Elijah Alexandre are ... Eruchalu2015 3/29/2017 7 Cousins
Which one? Felie 3/29/2017 9 Maristella (star of the sea)
John names which do you like? Emily Amy 3/28/2017 13 Even
Should Paul, Patryk, Pierce, Peyton, and Peter be friends or siblings? thezenithofnadir 3/28/2017 8 Siblings!
Peyton. Male or Female Name? thezenithofnadir 3/28/2017 11 Male of course!
Which One? lakin5 3/28/2017 17 Blossom
Which name for a chocolate Labrador seeing-eye dog? ThatOneAuthorGirl 3/28/2017 20 Mars
Is "Andrew", a name more suitable for a "country boy" or a "city boy"? Whipsmart 3/28/2017 19 Country boy
Does the name "Alex" sound more like the name of a "country kid" or a "city kid"? Whipsmart 3/28/2017 20 City Kid