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Welcome to Behind the Name's Polls!

To create a poll, click the icon at the top of the page. You must be logged on to create polls.

  1. Enter the question that the poll-takers will be answering.
  2. Choose which type of poll you want to create. You can limit the poll-takers to one selection per vote or you can allow them to pick as many as they want.
  3. Enter up to 20 options from which the poll-takers will be able to select for their answer. If you want to use fewer than 20, just leave the the unused options blank.
  4. (Initially, space for only 10 options is provided; once the last option is entered 10 more will be shown.)
  5. Click "Create".

To edit or delete a poll you created, view it and then click the edit or delete button in the lower right. This can only be done before anyone has voted on your poll.


1. Hateful, malicious or harassing polls are not allowed.

2. Post under only one name. You may only create 5 polls in 24 hours.

3. Try to stay on the topic of names.

4. Try to make your polls legible. Minimize the netspeak.

5. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, email me. Don't give trolls the attention they crave.


The following users kindly help administer the polls: mirfak and Tara C

Since April 6, 2005 there have been...

  • 260186 polls created
  • an average of 51.68 polls created per day
  • 9474741 votes cast
  • an average of 1881.78 votes cast per day