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[Facts] Pronounciation of "Kyna"
There are several messages and posts about how to pronounce, "Kyna" by people who do NOT have this name. Let me settle this:"Kyna" is pronounced "Kee-nuh" like "Tina" but with a "K"
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Do you think it's possible there are other people named Kyna who pronounce it differently?A name as simple as Nina can be pronounced "Nee-na" or "Nye-na." I've known both.

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Of course. Many have been making up names and pronouncing as they want to. I was given "Kyna" (pronounced, Kee-na) 58 years ago through my mother knowing another who had a daughter with the same name. This person was aware of its roots when they gave it to their child and passed the information onto my mother. Not everyone is choosing an existing name with history.
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