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[Opinions] Leonor(e) - pronunciation and opinion
Earlier in the year I was working in an international school and met a little Leonor(e) (can't for the life of me remember if her name had an 'e' on the end). She was Slovak and seemed to answer to two pronunciations of her name: LEE-oh-noor and LAY-oh-noor.Here're my questions/queries:
1) I'm really warming to the pronunciation LAY-oh-noor, how would you expect a name with this pronunciation to be spelt?2) Also, I live in England and am very English with a Gaelic surname; could a European name like this work?
Thank you in advance!
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Leonor is a really common name in Spain & Portugal, that is pronounced Leh-oh-NOHRLeonore or Eleonore is the German form, pronunciation Leh-oh-NO-reh resp. Eh-leh-oh-NO-rehIn neither of the two cases is the pronunciation Lee-oh-noor or Lay-oh-noor; Your Lee-oh-noor, this would result --> Lieonur
Your Lay-oh-noor, this would result --> LeionurI also like the Occitan spelling Aliénor, pronounced Ah-lee-eh-NOHR, not Alien-ohr For an English national, recommendation for this case Lenora or Leonora
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1) I'd still expect it to be Leonor! I'm not sure which pronunciation comes more naturally to me, actually, but I like both. 2) Definitely! I've known a Leonora with a very English surname and it worked perfectly fine.
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1. I would expect it to be pronounced LEE-oh-noor2. I was under the impression that England was a part of Europe. So yes.
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I would instictively pronounce it LEE-oh-noor, but if I was corrected to LAY-oh-nor I'd easily adjust to that.I think it would work fine, although I am not from England so that might not be accurate.I like the name, more than Eleanor, less than Leonora or Lenore.
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1) Leonor. As far as I know it's a common Portuguese name (very common!) and pronounced that way in Portugal.
2) Yes, definitely. Leonor is lovely! Leonore is fine too but Leonor is better.
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