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[Facts] Meghan, correct spelling/pronunciation
My name is Meghan, I was taught is is pronounced Me-gan. I have seen so many posts about the correct spelling or pronunciation. How is anyones name spelled or pronounced incorrectly if it is the way the person that gave the name says it?? To me a name is as individual as the person it is bestowed upon. I am 51yrs old and never even heard of anyone else with that name until I was about 24, not that it matters. Your way is correct for YOU and mine is correct for ME. people have told me all my life that my name was spelled wrong, I used to ask them, who are you to say that?? Is it your name?? No, okay then enough said. Yes, then spell/say it any way you please and the ones that don't approve, well now seems that is a personal problem of their own.
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This should be on the Opinions Board.
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