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[Opinions] Universally Pronounceable Names
So I grew up and am bilingual and I know my parents (Germany/Australia) tried really hard to give me and my siblings names that would be the same in both languages and they did it. I also realised I like very different names in the two languages which was interesting. Here are some examples:Names I like that work for both:
Lotta (g)
Finn (b)
Tim (b)
Tobias (b)Names I like in English (Aus pron.):
Elliott (b)
Aiden (g)
Jessie (g)
Jamie (g)
Finley (b/g)
Tobin (b)
Sally (g)Names I like in German:
Hanne (g)
Maike (g)
Lino/Linus (b)
Marik (b)
Matteo (b)
Daria (g)Anyone got any similar experiences/thoughts?

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I grew up in a french and german speaking area (and my family is also part italian and irish). Because of that, I always consider if a name works out in an other language. (e.g. Vincent, Emilia, Alice...) My parents did not, and I always had to explain my FN (Ramona) because it is not really common in french^^ For me, it is clear, that I would not use a name that is very hard to pronounce or contradicts the spoken language where I live.I also have favourites, that I just like in a certain language: e.g. I like Jonathan a lot, but only if it is pronounced the english way and not german or french & I love Alice, but not if it is pronounced the italian way. I think this is normal^^
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