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[Opinions] Same name, different pronunciations (discussion)
Many people in the US have a "public/work" name (an anglicized pronunciation of their name) and a "home/family" name (how it's supposed to be pronounced), either for simplicity's sake or because they've given up correcting people, and this is usually a decision they have to make themselves. But would you as a parent voluntarily choose/reinforce having different pronunciations for different scenarios from the beginning, and not just begrudgingly? If so what names have you considered?For me it comes naturally as my own name has two different forms, English and Spanish, and I consider both to be me.
Some names I would give a Spanish form for use around my family, but also because I like both forms:
Gael (m)- GAYL as a standard, but GA-EHL around family
Ederne- Eh-durn (standard), Eh-thehr-nah (family)But there are also names I wouldn't change because they don't sound right:
Taide- always TY-deh never TIDE
Virgil- just Vur-jil
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I described a scenario in April wherein I mentioned my name at the dinner-table of a fund raiser--and the newcomer / couple didn't react well to my formal name -so I purported a look of disgust & stated - fine (as though with a sigh - and stated) 'Bob' or 'Bobbie" (I can't quite remember which alternative form I offered) will be fine. I mentioned in a response on a recent "accents" post that my name would be pronounced "Bahwbreh" by native southern New Yorkers - and Baahbra by native Bostonians. In southern NY, many native speakers reveal little phonetic difference between Bobbie & Barbie. I mentioned last December that I received gifts at work with my name spelt as Bobbie, Bobby, Bobbi, Barbie, & Barbra: I generally try not to make a big deal about which form people use; I usually do not care - but for the referenced example above - I did. I am generally pleased when folks feel comfort to call me Barbie - even if I've introduced myself with my more formal name Barbra. Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode during which Jerry's Girlfriend's mother calls Jerry - Jerome? I've always found this to be hysterical.

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