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[Opinions] The combination "ae" pronounced "ay"
In modern naming one of the ways people are spelling out the long A sound is "ae". Usually occurs in more trendy names (Braeden, Kaetlin etc)
In English, only a few words spelled with "ae" sound like "ay , like sundae and Gaelic. A lot of the "ae" words are based on Latin and usually pronounced "ee" in English (aegis, British spellings like encyclopaedia, archaeology).This spelling is probably used because it is rare. What do you think of the use of "ae" to spell "ay" sounds? Seen any interesting uses of "ae" in names?
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I prefer "ay" to "ae", and the only example I can think of when I'm okay with "ae" is Astraea.

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I like 'ae' at the end of names - Shanae and Fae - but 'ay' in the middle - Brayden and Taylor.
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I used to think Helena was pronounced Hel-AY-na so if I ever use it I spell it as Helaena
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I like "ae" for "ay" sounds. Sometimes it can look like trendy nonsense but I like it when it gives the name a more fantasy look. (although I didn't know that the ae in aegis wasn't pronounced like the ae in sundae until just now... oops. There are probably a lot of names like that too-- I said the ae in Hephaestus like that for the longest time but I'm pretty sure it's more like "eh")
I like Aerona, Aelianus Astraea, Cael, Linnaea, Phaedra (I think... or does that "phaed" rhyme with "fed"?), Faelan, Cadfael, etc.
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My middle name is Rae. I have also seen Kae, Kaethe, Mae, and Kaelin.
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