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[Opinions] Tadhg pronounciation
Hi !!!How do you pronounce the Irish name Tadhg?I read that it is TIEG (rhymes with 'tiger') but here it is said that it is TAYG so rhymes with 'bait'. Or maybe is with the same 'e-sound' in the Spanish 'olé!'?And what about its multiple Anglicizations? Teague, Teige, Teigue, Tighe, Tigue, Tieg, Tayg, Tygue ... Which one is better / would you use?So many options! Actually I don't know even how the 'original' Tadhg sounds so..Tell me your opinion about this particular name.Personal Name Lists

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Replies's like tiger as far as I can tell.Teague looks like the word league, so I wouldn't use that.
Teige looks like beige, tayzh, so not that either
Teigue is ... eh, looks more like "teegh" or "taygh" but could work. Tieg too.
Tighe is weird bc the gh seems like it could be silent
Tygue stands a good chance of being said like tiger, IMO. I've never seen it used, but I think I'd pick it.
The main reason I don't like the name is because of the pronunciation issue where I live.
It's a pretty cool name, though. NMS, I'm not into T names ... and also it's a little too much like "tiger." If it's misheard as short for tiger, it'd sound self-consciously sporty, like Champ or Buster.

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TAYG. Teague is my favourite spelling, though it makes me want to pronounce it TEEG. I don't like it much, it sounds modern too me despite having a historical background.
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