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[Opinions] Rowan pronunciation
I met someone the other day who had a son named Rowan, and the way they pronounced the 1st syllable rhymed with 'ow' instead of 'oh'.Is that really weird, or is it just me? Which pronunciation do you like most?

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Nope, not just you. I thought Rowan only had one pronunciation.
I never heard it said any other way.
I prefer it said the usual way. The other pronunciation just doesn't sound right. Like it's not meant to be. And boy I can just imagine the number of pronounciation problems this kid face in life. Or will when he gets older, him constantly having to correct people.
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No, it's way weird! I pronounce it ROH-en.
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That’s definitely a first for me. I much prefer RO-an to RAU-an.
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Yeah. I pronounce it ROH-ən too.
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