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[Facts] Greek name pronunciation
I'm trying to figure out how a couple Greek names are pronounced in Greek:
Alethea (Aληθεια)
Althea (Αλθαια)
Theia (Θεια)Is the "Thea/Theia" pronounced different for each name?
I've found a couple audio files for Alethea but not Althea or Theia.
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What kind of Greek are you interested in?In Classical Greek, the ει was a diphthong similar to English AY and αι was a diphthong similar to English IE.
Already in late antiquity, the diphthongs became monophthongs, ει became EE and αι became EH. Another sound shift affected the Greek letter η, it shifted from EH to EE.In Modern Greek, the pronunciations are A-LEE-THEE-A, AL-THAY-A, and THEE-A respectively.
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This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you for the thorough explanation! Very interesting how languages evolve.
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Since θ (theta) is a difficult phoneme some dialects pronounce and sometimes spell it as ɸ (Phi), just like many toddlers would.
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Interesting, thank you!
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I’ve met both a Thea and a Theia and they were both pronounced the same.
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