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[Facts] Pronunciation of CONCHOB(H)AR
Can anybody tell me how the name CONCHOB(H)AR is pronounced?
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There are many, many variations. In Old Irish, the B becomes a voiced fricative between two vowels (in English it did as well, but it was in these cases written first "f", and when u and v became distinct letters, frequently as v when voiced), but in modern Irish (normally written BH), in this name it frequently seems to be syncopated altogether and often spelt Conchúr (with long u replacing -ova-). The C is hard k, the ch aspirated to a velar fricative as in Loch, the r is a typical Irish "tapped" r. The N is regularly (but not always) subject to metathesis in modern Irish, so you may hear both Konəchoor and Knochoor, and apparently in some dialects Krochoor, and the initial o varies between "awe" "owe", and "u" (as in good, put etc.)

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Thank you so much for this profound piece of information!
One last question: On which syllable is the stress?
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