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[Opinions] Pronunciation audio
I'm guessing I'm not the only one who is a tiny bit bored during these times...Yesterday I asked you to guess how to pronounce a few names, some turned out to be pretty hard (like Minea, Lykke, Vide). This got me there any interest in me (feel free to join in) doing an audio of how names are pronounced in Swedish? If so, give me a list and I'll do it tomorrow. They don't have to be Swedish/Scandinavian, but they obviously can if you want to.
(wasn't sure if I should post this here or at the lounge...)
Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure. PNL:
Top: Alice and William
Bottom: Kensi and Alvin
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The listThese are the names I plan on doing later today, feel free to add more names to it if there are any you want to hear in Swedish. Acke Adolf Åke Björn Ebbe Elis Eskil Folke Frans Gunnar Gustav Hjalmar Hugo Knut Måns Nilas Per Sören Torsten Valter Vide Viggo Agata Agnes Astrid Cecilia Dagny Ebba Greta Hedvig Hillevi Liv Lova Lykke Majken Minea Rakel Saga Signe Sigrid Solveig Tindra Tova Tove Ylva
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I think that would be a marvellous resource, Ninor, and could keep you busy for a long time! I've just looked at the Swedish entries in the Browse Names list, and there are a lot of them ... may I suggest that you ask Mike if he could add your audio list to the site somewhere? I'd be fascinated, and so would my husband, who isn't a name-nerd at all, but he loves Swedish and can read it very well. He also watches Swedish (and Norwegian, and Danish) movies when he can, which isn't often. Even he would enjoy it! (And I'd like to know how close to the truth my attempt at Lykke really was!)
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That would be so helpful! :)
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Yeah, I would like that. I had no idea on most of them.:)
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I looked up the pronunciations afterwards, but it would probably be interesting to hear them from a more authentic source :)With Lykke I was trying to go for the Danish pronunciation, which I know and can say, but I think it’s so hard to express it in writing.
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