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[Opinions] Finnish pronunciation audio
I got inspired by Ninor's post of how to pronounce Swedish names, so I made audios of some Finnish names. (If there are any moderators who think this post belongs to the Name Facts section, you can move it here.)
First, the pronunciation of top 10 first names in Finland 2019:Aino, Aada, Sofia, Eevi, Olivia, Lilja, Helmi, Ellen, Emilia, Ella:, Elias, Oliver, Eino, Väinö, Eeli, Noel, Leevi, Onni, Hugo:
And this is how you pronounce the all-time most popular Finnish names (these include both first and middle names):Maria, Helena, Johanna, Anneli, Kaarina, Marjatta, Anna, Liisa, Annikki, Sofia:, Johannes, Olavi, Antero, Tapani, Kalevi, Tapio, Matti, Mikael, Ilmari:
If you're interested to know the pronunciation of any other Finnish names, please mention about it in your comment and I'll do more audios!Formerly known as Remora L.
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Thank you! This is so interesting. I was surprised by how many names are pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable. Also super intrigued by the way you said Eino. A few others I'd be interested in:Toivo, Eetu, Vilho, Veeti, Aatos, Lauri, Veikko, Rasmus, Otso, Oiva, Jooa, Aapo
Venla, Enni, Pihla, Kerttu, Lumi, Oona, Minttu, Ronja
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