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[Facts] does anyone know a name pronounced sil-EH-nuh? (m)
I know it could be Silena but I was wondering if there were any that wouldn't get confused for Selena, like that one will.We Stand TogetherBlack Lives Matter

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i have someone in my class called silena
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As a Dutch person, the pronunciation would make me want to write it as either Cilene or Silene. It turns out that the latter is the name of a type of plant in not only Dutch, but also English: guess most English speakers would pronounce the plant's name as sie-LEEN, though.Cilene is also an actual name, by the way. The English Wikipedia has articles about two Brazilian women with the name, namely Cilene Rocha (b. 1967) and Cilene Victor (b. 1968).
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There is a Sicilian-Greek name Silenos (m) Σιληνός, possibly derived from Σειληνός, a figure of mythology, Silene Σειληνέ is the vocative/feminine form.
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Cilene may be pronounced CHiLehNAy though. Seems widespread in Argentina and Brazil.
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It would be see-LEH-neh in Spanish and see-LEH-nee in Brazilian Portuguese.
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Thank you for the help!
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