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[Facts] How to pronounce Berenilde?
One of the characters in my favorite book series is named Berenilde. Does anyone know how this name is pronounced? The name is a french variant of Bernhild, if that helps. I really appreciate the help!
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(This is my own opinion) I looked at the name and the usage was both French and Portuguese. Since those French like to stick silent letters everywhere, I'd imagine the pronunciation would be something like "behr-NILD", while the Portuguese one would be "beh-reh-NILD".
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not quite correct.In French it's apparently spelt Bérénilde and therefore pronounced [bé-rré-NEELD] (the "é" is similar to the RP pronunciation of "get" or "dress").In Portuguese it's something like [bə-rə-NEELD]. In European Portuguese, the unstressed, unaccented "e" is pronounced ə or (more accurately ɨ). It sounds similar to the pronunciation of the English name Berenice.In both languages the final "e" is also "mute" and can be omitted when speaking quickly, but the name has in fact four syllables.

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Oh, had I known that the first and second "e" was accented, I would've changed my answer! Also, there are many ways to pronounce Berenice, so you maybe need to specify.
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