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[Facts] What made Mathilde severely drop in popularity in Belgium?
Greetings.While browsing names on my PNL, I explored the page for the name Mathilde and now noticed the huge decline on the Belgian chart - 177 spots down than last year (1999), when it was ranked #18; particularly 244 less births. What makes it odd is that it happened in a country with a chart that doesn't seem to be extensive.What is the reason behind this? Thanks in advance.(

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In 1999 Prince Philippe (now king) of Belgium married Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz.
Maybe that's why.
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I think you are right. However, I don't understand the decline, as names used by royal families don't usually decrease in usage that much. Maybe they found the name Mathilde over-the-top?
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Normally, in countries with royalty, names increase in popularity when used by a royal family or when someone marries into a royal family. Do Belgians hate Queen Mathilde or something?
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