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Name my new Portuguese Water Dog Female
I have a two year old 65 lb male (black with some white) PWD who is going to get a new playmate. The pup is 3 weeks old from Canada; I live in Augusta, Georgia. The pup, who is going to be silver and gray, etc, is actually Kona's first cousin; for their moms were sisters. The new pup is from the breeders son near Montreal, while the breeder is elderly lady in Marion Bridge, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. I named Kona after the venue and city in Hawaii where I competed in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships 3xs, well my mom did as a memento to my past. I have had to move on to other hobbies due to injuries, so a name after a sporting venue or a city doesn't have to stick with new name. I would like it to be easy to be said along with the name Kona, have some ties either to the water, portugal, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, or Montreal. Maybe even a unisex kind of name. I have a hard time with real girlie prounciciation names, and names with more than two syllables. Please post any suggestions and maybe I will send the winner a treat. LOL. No, I already had Kona way before Obomba ever thought of getting BO. He emmulated me :), if so, god help us lol. Arnold
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Nova would be a nice name for her. I really like it. Marion would be cute as well. It's more than two syllables, but it doesn't seem too long and frilly to me. It used to be fairly common for men.Portuguese names:
VeraNames with meanings related to water:

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how does one pronounce the name "Mira"...thanksnova is kewl
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Usually MEE-ra, but some people pronounce it MY-ra as well. Just so you know, according to board rules, there cannot be multiple users with the same user name, and you must stick to one posting name. Here are the rules:

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I can hurl a bunch of Portuguese names at you (none of which are/can be unisex, sorry). Let's see, how about Lago (LAH-goo), which means lake? Or Rio (REE-oo), river. Poça (POH-sa), puddle. Ironically, out of these three only poça is a feminine noun. Hmm, maybe Lagoa (luh-GO-uh) - small lake? Or Chuva (SHOO-vuh), rain. Or Nova (NAW-vuh), meaning new.
Or you if you have a particular place/feature in mind, I can translate it for you?
By the way, this is an unnecessary tidbit of info, but Kona spelled with a c is a very heavy slang word in Portuguese.
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are you from portugal.....cant imagine what cona means lol.....Its funny how portuguese pronounciations are totally different than how an english speaker sees the word.`
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Yup, I am. It's best that I don't tell you what that word means, lest you come across a Portuguese-speaker while out with your dog - you'll be able to claim blissful innocence.Oh, and I checked your reply to Alcyone's post (sorry to snoop). Mira is pronounced MEE-ruh in Portuguese, and it's actually the name of a river here (albeit a small one). It can also mean "aim" in weapons-related topics, and it's also Spanish for "Look!".Forgive my curiosity, but how would you pronounce a few of the words I mentioned before? I think I have an idea but I'd like to know :)

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