Subject: Re: Your Top Ten - June
Author: Siân   (Authenticated as Sharley)
Date: June 1, 2010 at 8:56 PM
Reply to: Re: Your Top Ten - June by Dracotorix

I like...

Ronan -Really growing on me.
Brendan -Thanks to Brendon Urie.
Peregrine -Thanks to Peregrin Took from Lord of the Rings. (I'm a nerd.)
Micah -Used to be my all time favourite boy name.
Conor -Conor Oberst made me fakk for this one.

Fiera -I used to be in love with Fiora. This reminds me of it fondly.
Sabriel -I prefer this as a boy like the Jewish male name. Or even as a take from Sabri. But it sounds awesome!
Rhiannon -Makes me sing Fleetwood Mac, but it's refreshing.

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