Subject: Re: Top 10 Names for April!
Author: Entropy   (Authenticated as ninjato)
Date: April 1, 2011 at 5:04 PM
Reply to: Top 10 Names for April! by erb816

My Overall Top 10
1. Liliana (unranked last month)
2. Keira (up 3 spots)
3. Gordon (up 7 spots)
4. Gabrielle (down 3 spots)
5. Kaori (down 2 spots)
6. Ridley (unchanged)
7. Lily (unranked last month)
8. Calista (up 2 spots)
9. Gabriella (down 7 spots)
10. Roger (unranked last month)

Now outside of overall top ten and current ranking by gender:
#4 male name, Jolyon
#9 female name, Larisa

Honorable mentions on my personal name ranking: Natalie, Larisa, Jolyon, Howard, and Sakura

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