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Subject: Re: Top 10 names for May!
Author: Rachel Shaina   (Authenticated as Evil)
Date: May 2, 2011 at 12:19:51 AM
Reply to: Top 10 names for May! by Flute
Lets see if I can do something, since I got like 2 names per gender last month.

My boyfriend and I managed to agree on full names for a first born son and a first born daughter for the time being, so that is affecting my list a little. Only a little.

1 Helena
2 Parisa
3 Maude
4 Tirzah
5 Kinborough
6 Fable
7 Eris
8 Eternity
9 Hadassah
0 Esme

1 Ashley
2 Mordecai
3 Ari
4 Kekoa
5 Hollis
6 Griffin
7 Deimos
8 Daxton
9 Truett
0 Levi

bluh it was still hard, beyond the first two or three. why am i so apathetic to my list.

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