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Subject: Re: Top 10 names for May!
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: May 3, 2011 at 9:40:05 PM
Reply to: Re: Top 10 names for May! by mclo327
Lydia Seraphine - Magical! Very princess-like.
Evangeline Maeve - The perfect middle name for Evangeline.
Alice Olivia - Not normally a fan of Alice, but this combo is beautiful.
Cordelia Fleur - Not normally a fan of Cordelia (I tend to dislike most feminine names with hard 'd' sounds), but Fleur goes perfectly with it.
Aurelie Christine - Delightfully French! And Aurelia happens to be one of my favorite names.
Amelia Auden - I'm not on the Amelia bandwagon (although I do like Emilia, or Amalia), and Auden sounds masculine to me.
Aubrey Tamsin - When I hear Aubrey, I think of "Lucky" Jack Aubrey from Master and Commander. Not a fan of Tamsin at all, I prefer Thomasina.
Elizabeth Honey - Elizabeth is one of those names you can't really go wrong with, but for me, Honey has been completely taken over as a term of endearment.
Jane Eulalia - I LOVE Jane, but I can't get behind Eulalia (I don't really like names that start with a 'yuh' sound - personal preference).
Dorothy Iris - I've never liked Dorothy, not even in The Wizard of Oz; to me it's one of the most dated names in existence (I much prefer Theodora). Iris, however, is a gem.

Owen Rhys - Love it! Awesomely Celtic!
Peter Sebastian - Dislike Peter (one name I've never warmed up to), but I do enjoy Sebastian.
Dorian Atticus - Yay for Dorian! Atticus is a name I would never use, but I respect it.
Samuel Benjamin - Two names toward which I have an attitude similar to that toward Peter.
Cormac Riordan - Another awesomely Celtic name!
Maxen Rory - They both sound like nicknames.
Graham Lorcan - Graham is awesome, but Lorcan sounds very... "evil wizard."
Kieran Jack - I like Keiran, but I can never picture Jack in a middle name slot. John, yes, but not Jack.
Peyton Reilly - Sorry, but I can't stand Peyton on either gender. Reilly is an interesting variant (I'm used to Riley), but it looks more feminine to me than Riley.
Ezra Linus - Ezra is awesome, but I have an attitude towards Linus similar to that toward Atticus.

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