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Subject: Off-topic quiz (but fun, anyway!) "Are You a Witch"?
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: October 10, 2001 at 2:35:46 PM
This is the TEST OF THE 13 FACTORS from Anton LaVey's book titled: *The Satanic Witch*. It's basically an aptitude test in witchery. Take it if you... (maniacal cackle)... DARE!

Oh yeah, there's a trick to the test, too. Only 13 out of the following 20 questions have any valid significance. The other seven have no bearing on your predisposition to being a witch. Choose the questions you will answer carefully, as only 13 count for possible answers. After you have decided which questions you are going to answer, post the number of the question and either "yes" or "no" next to it. I'll come back and give you your results.

REMEMBER: Choose ONLY 13 questions out of the 20 below to answer. Don't ask for explanations of the questions before choosing -- you should have a "gut feeling" as to the possible significance (or insignificance) of each question before you choose (or don't choose) to answer.

1. Have others ever referred to you as a witch?

2. Do you have an ancestor or relative who was or is a witch?

3. Are you better off today than you were a year ago?

4. Do you feel you have supernatural forces working against you?

5. Is black your favorite color?

6. Do others seek out your company without your trying?

7. Do you ever have fits of jealousy?

8. Have you experienced what you would consider E.S.P.?

9. Are you strict in your attention to feminine hygiene? (For guys, make it "masculine hygiene".)

10. Do you find others going along with what you want of them?

11. Were your born under any of these signs: Leo, Scorpio, Pisces?

12. Have you ever been considered "cheap"?

13. Have you experienced anything of a mystical nature while using drugs?

14. Do you have an interest in movies and TV shows with an occult theme?

15. Do you often wear undergarments that are black in color or of a flashy nature?

16. Are you accomplished in commonplace skills?

17. Would you consider yourself to be intellectual?

18. Is there anything you would fear as a consequence of your practice of applied witchery?

19. Do you find that men often make passes at you? (For guys: Do you find that women often come on to you?)

20. Do you wear any kind of amulet or charm that has occult significance?

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