Subject: Re: You know you are getting old when...
Author: Phyllis   (guest)
Date: October 15, 2001 at 2:51 PM
Reply to: You know you are getting old when... by Pavlos


You know you're getting old when the high school students complain about learning in history what you learned as Current Events.

I complained to my mother about some of the things I overheard on a bus I was riding (Why do we have to learn about Watergate? What does that have to do with us?) and she replied "I was in high school during World War II. Imagine how I feel. Besides, your father was in the Army during that time. Remember these facts next time you want to complain, okay?"

Needless to say, I shut up after that. :)

Phyllis (aka Sidhe Uaine or Gaia Euphoria)

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