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Subject: Re: RE: African, Sanskrit, & Arabic names
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: January 6, 2001 at 1:38:43 AM
Reply to: RE: African, Sanskrit, & Arabic names by To: Nanaea
Yes, definitely, one's name should represent one's very essence. A name should be a person's most beautiful adornment -- and, in an ideal world, perhaps one's only adornment. How much more interesting this world would be, if people went around wearing only their name and a smile? :)

I found some intersting Arabic names for you to consider. Not all of them are warrior names. Seeing as how you're in the acting profession, I thought you might also want to consider names suggestive of creativity:

Akil (ah-KEEL) intelligent, thoughtful
Azhar (ah-ZAHR) the Most Shining or Luminous
Bahir (bah-HEER) dazzling, brilliant
Ghazi (GAH-zee) conqueror
Hakeem (hah-KEEM) ruler
Kadar (KAH-dar) powerful
Kaliq (KAHL-eek) creative
Mahir (mah-HEER) skilled
Malik (mah-LEEK) master, angel, king
Numair (noo-MIR) panther
Qudamah (koo-dah-MAH) courage
Zafir (ZAH-feer) victorious

As for my own name, thank you for your compliment. My mother always pronounced it "nah-NEE-ah", but I somehow suspect that P.L. is going to tell me that it really should be pronounced "nah-NAY-ah". :) Whatever the case, I call myself simply "Nan" most of the time, to avoid having to 'splain things (except here, where people take a genuine interest in names). I'm named after a Persian goddess.

-- Nanaea

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