Subject: Re: My name is Liberty, i like it but......
Author: froggy9144   (guest)
Date: February 10, 2001 at 2:17 PM
Reply to: My name is Liberty, i like it but...... by Liberty

love your name is all that i can say, which you have already said that you do, but still i dont think that you should complain, having a unique name is cool! like my name is Shawna, and there are hardly anyone out there whos name is that and i love it, i cant get nicknames from mine, i wish i could, i cant even find those stupid license plate thingys with my name! that sux, b/c when i was a kid, i really wanted one and we could never find one, so take my advice and forget whatever people say, b/c in the long run it wont matter. or you could completely ignore me and continue to complain until it gets on everyones nerves, its up to you to decide what youre going to do and in the long run your the only one thatll matter.

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